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Protecting Your intellectual property Online
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Protecting Your intellectual property Online
Protecting Your intellectual property Online
Bust'em The Brand Name Police!
Protecting Your intellectual property Online
Protecting Your intellectual property Online

Policing the Internet to protect company and brand name!

Brand names and reputations are marketing collateral. Not just to the owner, but to anyone who wants to take advantage of collateral they have no right too.

Do you know if others are?   Failure to safeguard?
   Using your identity to confuse customers?      Lost revenue!
   Stealing your business?      Tarnished or destroyed reputation and image!
   Misleading and capturing potential customers?      Decreased marketing collateral!
   Leveraging your earned reputation?      Decreased value of your brand!
   Passing off counterfeit products under your name?      Negative branding!
   Creating negative association via protest sites?      Brand dilution!
   Abusing your Brand?      Infringement!
   Starting false rumors to influence stock price?      Loss in stock value!
   Traffic Diversion Schemes?      

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