N. bicalcarata
N. campanulata
N. clipeata
N. ephippiata
N. fallax
N. lowii
N. muluensis
N. tentaculata
N. x Trusmadiensis
N. veitchii
N. villosa
N. albomarginata
N. insignis
N. sp. Doormans Top 1
N. sp. Doormans Top 2
N. aristolochioides
N. dubia
N. inermis
N. izumiae
N. jacquelinae
N. spec. nov. Sumatra
N. eymae
N. glabrata
N. hamata
N. tentaculata
N. madagascariensis
N. masoalensis
N. pervillei
Nepenthes spec. nov. Sumatra


We are currently working on the type description of this spectacular new species. Therefore I cannot by this time disclose any details on the location where we found this spectacular new plant. It certainly is related to both, N. inermis and N. jacquelinae. However as both of these do not occur in the area it certainly is not a hybrid.


Nepenthes spec. nov. Sumatra

Pictures and facts

Lower pitchers of the new species in habitat This gallery shows the lower pitchers of the new species from Sumatra.


Pitchers of the new species in habitat - Gallery 1 This plant is notable for the intense yellow upper pitchers. Similarly as in N. jacquelinae the peristome is very prominent, however it is not flat but rounded with many wrinkles. The lid is more r...


Pitchers of the new species in habitat - Gallery 1