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Sapphire from Maromby in a métamorphic limestone. ( Andranondambo area.)
                      Looking for sapphire on the ground in 1992.
      Sapphires from Andranondambo,        discovered in 1991. ( South-East of Madagascar )

              In 1658, Flacourt, the governor of Fort-Dauphin mentions

              sapphires in the south of Madagascar.
              In 1808, Barthélemy Hugon writes that in the valley of 
              Ambolo there is a so beautiful stone and so rare that
              lapidaries have not  been able to recognize it and it was
              above of all that is not diamond. ... In 1991, at the time of 
              the great dryness in the south, sapphire samples are found,
              several centuries after their first discovery. The son of Mrs.
              Dauphine, innkeeper in Tranomaro, main village of the valley,
              was among  the prospectors.
              In fact, one of the most beautiful quality in the world comes
              to leave ground.
The area of Tranomaro is characterized by an extreme
calcic and magnesian paragneiss abundance: gneiss with
diopside, plagioclasites, pyroxenites, wernerites, wolastonite
limestones, with varied léptinites, generally with garnet,
kinzingites, quarzites. One finds there rather frequently
syenitic gneisses or lamboanites.  Gneisses of injection are
very frequent. The typomorphic minerals are: basic diopside
scapolite, calcite, plagioclases, wollastonite, garnet,
cordierite and corundum.
East of Tranomaro, arteritic and eyesys injections assign
gneisses at léptynites. Cordierite gneiss bands are deeply
injected bed by bed, the injection as introduced magnetite
in abundance. Wollastonites form ptymatic lenses with
    Marohotro, 18 km. south from Andanondambo. folds very tortured at the middle of the limestones. Note:
The sapphires on the left comes from Ambandanira, and  aluminous anorthites or sakénites.
that on right-hand side from Maromby
(area of Andranondambo)
      Sapphire from Behataza plateau,  (Andranondambo area.)




       Tranomaro in 1991
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                  The deposits of the Andranondambo area were exploited since 1993 and have been abandoned few years later.
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