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     To Those of you who do not know what this site is, it is a site for my Chronicle of White Wolf ENtertainment's Vampire: The Masquerade. The difference is, in my game there is no masquerade. Its a constant struggle for peace between Kindred and Human kind. There are Powerhouses and "Gods" who come out from time to time but it is rare. So don't go thinking "Oh its a power game" cuz in this game you can be the strongest Brujah and have a 15th gen walk in and ash you in a second. In this game if you wanna live, you have to be smart. All challenges and situations are intellectual. We think about the subplots and themes for weeks before we run the scenes. So have fun and poke around. If you feel froggy, come join the AOL verison in chat VTM Vampire City. Hope to see you here. Be safe and have fun, and remember, Its just a game.
Character Sheets from the
         Elkhart Game
    To better the understanding of the game and the characters in it, a few of the games most seen or mysterious characters have had their character sheets placed here for all to view to give them some insite to the game.
For Excerps from game click here!
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