Kevin Henke
Part-time Instructor
B.A. Doane College, 1979

M.S., 1984; Ph.D., North Dakota, 1997

Dr. Henke teaches geochemistry (GLY 530), mineralogy (GLY 360), teaching methods (GLY 570) and introductory geology courses for majors and non-majors (GLY 110, 120, 160, and 220). His research interests include: the environmental geochemistry of mercury and other heavy metals, metamorphic petrology, and mineralogy.

Currently, Dr. Henke is involved in research on the chemistry and stability of mercury and other heavy metal precipitates that result from the use of commercial water treatment products. The effective use of any commercial product requires basic information on the chemistry of the product and the chemistry and stability of the resulting precipitates. Dr. Henke has found that the chemical properties of several popular water treatment products are very different than the manufacturer's claims. Some of the commercial compounds actually produce previously unreported toxic by-products, including CS2, when they react with dissolved heavy metals.

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*Students from the Department of Chemistry, University of Kentucky.