Adventures of Kotetsu

Reviewed: Episodes 1-2 (dubbed)

Basic Plot: Linn Suzuki is a young martial arts master who flees her overbearing master in Kyoto to find her brother in Tokyo. Nick-named “Kotetsu”, she runs into a glamorous detective named Miho Kuon who takes her in. She is attacked by a nerdy magician and a bondage-esque tree fairy (no, I’m not joking) and must fight them off as best she can (coincedentally, she must fight them off in nothing but a bath towel or an overly-short kimono).

My Review: Basically, this series (or at least, it’s supposed to be a series) is nothing more than a semi-hentai spoof of samurai/ninja anime. It’s quite funny in some areas, while painfully corny in others, and while the box reads “Brief nudity”, don’t be fooled. The nudity is frequent and most often uneccessary.As for plot, it’s simplistic and silly, and the characters are all typical and seem like they’re only there to create more laughs. In fact, the only character that stands out to me is geeky magician (who didn’t even stand out enough for me to remember his name). He was kinda cute and you could count on his scenes being genuinely funny. Linn looks like a bad Kenshin rip-off, with her flame-red hair that’s styled very similar to his, short/small stature, naive kindness, and impressive sword-skills. Miho is just your typical big-breasted martial artist who’s also the resident goody-goody. Aside from all this, the animation is cute and fluid, and some of the moves will truly impress you. If you like campy, hentai-esque anime, you’ll get a kick out of this. But if you go for the emotionally or intellectually challenging anime, you’ll probably think this is stupid and ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, it is stupid and ridiculous, and it’s damn proud of it.