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20th April 2004
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Best time to go: Switzerland is beautiful in the summer months when it can get very warm, but the mountain scenery looks spectacular in the winter months.

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Craig Doyle
The imposing, majestic Matterhorn overlooking Zermatt was your 46th top pick to check out.

Orson Welles, as Harry Lime in the film 'The Third Man', was quoted as saying: 'In Switzerland they had brotherly love; they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.'

Well, Harry Lime clearly did not realise that Switzerland is famous for much more than just cuckoo clocks (which they didn�t invent anyway). What about Swiss cheese and chocolate, yodelling, Swiss bank accounts, Heidi, the Jungfrau, the Matterhorn?

Switzerland is a breath of fresh, pure mountain air, and it is the mountains which bring most visitors to Switzerland.

The entire country occupies an area of only 16,000 square miles, and 60% of its land area is taken up by the Alps. The Matterhorn is one of the best-known mountains in the Alps, 14,692 feet (4,478 metres) high straddling the border between Switzerland and Italy.

The shimmering snow-topped Jungfrau mountain is actually 4158 metres high, and many visitors to Switzerland are mesmerised by the stunning views in the Jungfrau region which incorporates the contrast of beautiful green valleys against the snowy peaks. Adventure lovers come to this region to experience fantastic skiing, rock climbing, canyoning and even bungee jumping.

So as you can see, Switzerland is more than just a chocolate lover�s paradise. Once you come here, we guarantee that you will find it difficult to leave.

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  • celebrities such as Roger Moore, Phil Collins and Tina Turner all have homes in Switzerland
  • in an average year there are about 10,000 avalanches in Switzerland and 200 people are killed by avalanches in the Alps
  • per capita the Swiss have produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other country
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