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Welcome to the New Politics Initiative!

NPI and NDP: Did We Make a Difference?
The NPI coordinating committee has decided it will no longer meet. We'll be holding our last NPI public meeting on February 22, 2004 in Toronto.

Join Judy Rebick, Jim Stanford, Libby Davies, Jack Layton, and others for an afternoon of political discussion and debate, as we collectively evaluate the history and impact of the NPI, and the future of its ideas. We'll end the day with a social.
Last NPI Public Meeting
Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 12:00 noon
Ryerson University, Jorgensen Hall, Room A250
(east of Yonge, just south off of Gerrard)

12:00 p.m. - a political and personal evaluation of the NPI, for NPI supporters. Judy Rebick will moderate the discussion.

2:00 p.m. - panel discussion on "Is New Politics possible?". Jack Layton will speak, Jim Stanford, Merran Proctor, and Mick Panesar will respond. Everyone is welcome.

4:00 p.m. - the gathering will break into a social with food and drink, and more free-flowing discussion.

Please RSVP to toronto@newpolitics.ca if you would like to attend.

What is the New Politics Initiative?
The New Politics Initiative is being organized by a diverse assembly of Canadians who are committed to the goal of creating a new political party in Canada - a party dedicated to the ideals of egalitarianism, solidarity, environmental sustainability, community responsibility, and socialism. We think the NDP should support the process which would ultimately lead to the formation of a new progressive party.

We believe that this is a time of opportunity for the left in Canada. Despite years of neo- liberal restructuring in Canada, free-market capitalism has not improved the lives of most Canadians (let alone those in the Third World) or produced a better relationship with our natural environment.

We need an energetic and ambitious left party to stand up and say so!

But we need more than just a new party, we need a new type of politics in Canada, one that is participatory and empowers people and communities to take collective action to improve their lives. The New Politics Initiative seeks to build a party not just to contest elections, but also to fight more broadly for humane goals, and to support the day-to-day non-electoral struggles of Canadians for justice, equality, and sustainability. We envision a party that is connected in a meaningful way to the diverse collection of activist movements organized at the grassroots, community level. That's what new politics is all about.



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