Fostering African Expressive Culture

African Artville is a project of the 21st Century African Youth Movement. This project is bringing together art from various cultures in Africa and the African Diaspora. African Artville is exploring the role of the artist in several circumstances. Is the artist an idealist or a trendsetter? What about a storyteller or a historian? Can the artists be folkloric or an agitator? These are some of the questions that African Artville is exploring. Creating a forum for African expressive art and art of the African Diaspora allows for answer to these questions. Through African Artville, we will harvest the many African talents available to stimulate expressive imagination, and to visually tell Africa’s story for the present and, posterity. African Artville is the forum for artists to express and convey their individual artistic experiences, collectively exciting scholarly attention while at the same time reaching out to a broader audience.




Telling Africa’s stories through art




Providing a forum for African expressive art and artists to reach a broader audience

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