Research Topics

Antarctic Research
VLF Beacon Transmitter at South Pole
Palmer Station
Automatic Geophysical Observatories (AGO)
South Pole

Ionospheric VLF Remote Sensing
The Holographic Array for Ionospheric Lighting research (HAIL)
Auroral Electrojet
Space Weather Studies

HAARP Projects
VLF Interferometry
VLF D-Region Diagnostics
Telescopic Imagery of HF-Induced Airglow

Polar Aeronomy and Radio Science ULF/ELF/VLF Project

One-Hop Experiment - The South Pacific Buoy

Experimental studies of sprites and elves
Radio Atmospherics and Sprites
Optical Measurements
   Fly's Eye Optical Measurements
   High-resolution (telescopic) imaging of sprites
Conjugate Sprites Project

Theoretical Studies of Lightning-Associated Phenomena
Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation Studies
Red Sprite Mechanisms
Runaway Electrons and Terrestrial Gamma Rays

Satellite Projects
The Plasma Wave Advanced Receiver (PARX)

Ultra Low Power ELF/VLF Receiver Project

Plasma Display Panels






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