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What does it mean?

The government uses a color-coded advisory system to alert the public as the risk of a terrorist attack increases. In addition to the steps that government agencies take, here are some steps that you can take as a citizen at each level...

Green - Low Threat, Low Risk Level

When the Homeland Security Office puts out a Green, Low Threat, Low Risk Level, it means that there is a low risk of terrorism. Routine security is implemented to preclude routine criminal threats.

  • You should continue to enjoy individual freedom. Participate freely in travel, work, and recreational activities
  • Be prepared for disasters and family emergencies.
  • Develop a family emergency plan.
  • Keep recommended immunizations up-to-date.
  • Know how to turn off your power, gas and water service to your house.
  • Know what hazardous materials are stored in your home and how to properly dispose of unneeded chemicals.
  • Support the efforts of your local emergency responders (fire fighters, law enforcement and emergency medical services)
  • Know what natural hazards are most like to occur in your area and what measures you can take to protect your family
  • Volunteer to assist and support the community emergency response agencies.
Guarded, Blue Threat

At the time that a Guarded, Blue Threat is announced it means that there a general risk with no credible threats to specific targets. Routine security is implemented to preclude routine criminal threats. In addition to previously mentioned precautions, citizens are advised to:

  • Continue normal activities, but be watchful for suspicious activities.
  • Report criminal activity to local law enforcement.
  • Review family emergency plans.
  • Increase family emergency preparedness by purchasing supplies, food, and storing water
  • Be familiar with local natural and technological (man-made) hazards in the community.
  • Increase individual or family emergency preparedness through training, maintaining good physical fitness and health, and storing food, water, and emergency supplies
  • Monitor local and national news for terrorist alerts.
Elected Risk Yellow

When they move us to an Elevated Risk Yellow, there is elevated risk of terrorist attack but a specific region of the USA or target has not been identified. In addition to previously mentioned precautions, you should do the following:

  • Continue normal activities, but report suspicious activities to local law enforcement agencies.
  • Take a first aid class.
  • Become active in your local Neighborhood Crime Watch program.
  • Network with your family, neighbors, and community for mutual support during a disaster or terrorist attack.
  • Learn what critical facilities are located in your community and report suspicious actives at or near these sites
  • Contact local officials to learn about specific hazards in your community.
  • Increase individual or family emergency preparedness through training, maintained good physical fitness and health, and storing food, water and emergency supplies
  • Monitor media reports concerning situation.
Orange - High Risk

High Risk or an Orange Threat means that credible intelligence indicates that there is a high risk of a local terrorist attack but a specific target has not been identified. In addition to previously mentioned precautions, you should do the following:

  • Resume normal activities, but expect some delays, baggage searches, and restrictions as a result of heightened security at public buildings and facilities.
  • Continue to monitor world and local events as well as local government threat advisories
  • Report suspicious activities at or near critical facilities to local law enforcement agencies
  • Avoid leaving unattended packages or brief cases in public areas.
  • Inventory and organize emergency supply kits and discuss emergency plans with family members. Reevaluate meeting location based on threat.
  • Consider taking reasonable personal security precautions. Be alert to your surroundings, avoid placing yourself in a vulnerable situation, and monitor the activities of your children.
  • Maintain close contact with your family and neighbors to ensure their safety and emotional welfare.
Severe Imminent Threat, Red

At the Severe Imminent Threat, Red, a terrorist attack has occurred, or credible and corroborated intelligence indicates that one is imminent. Normally this threat condition is declared for a specific location or critical facility. In addition to previously mentioned precautions, you should do the following:

  • Report suspicious activities and call 911 for immediate responses.
  • Expect delays, searches of purses and bags and restricted access to public buildings.
  • Take personal security precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime or terrorist attack.
  • Avoid crowded public areas and gatherings.
  • Do not travel into areas affected by the attach or is an expected terrorist target.
  • Keep emergency supplies accessible and automobile fuel tank full
  • Be prepared to evacuate your home or shelter in place on order of local authorities.
  • Be suspicious of persons taking photographs of critical facilities, asking detailed questions about physical security or dressed inappropriately for weather conditions (suicide bomber).
  • Report these incidents immediately to law enforcement.
  • Closely monitor news reports and Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio/TV stations.
  • Assist neighbors who may need help.
  • Avoid passing unsubstantiated information and rumors

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