April 25, 2004

blessed and arising

tawney.400x288i'm trying to get blogging again. i may have forgotten how... so i need to just post to get practiced again, and i'm still learning this new typepad system

apostles is doing well. we've gotten to sixty in worship and have standing room only in our storefront we call living:room. we're still $ poor and are seeking some donors to help us! any episcopal, lutheran or other donors who want to help please email me: karen@apostleschurch.org (thanks!)

i've never been in such a creative little place in my life. god has blessed us richly, despite our financial struggle. we're just a one year old mission, yet god has gifted us with two young iconographers, our own priory ministry (more on COTA priory in a future post) a writer in residence (beau), artist in residence (skye), and composer in residence (gwen) to be commissioned in few weeks!

i'm gonna start posting more pictures. here is one i like of ur resident dj (tawney) as she spins deep core idm (at one of our liturgies).

christ is risen. i'm beginning to feel it myself these days.

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second post

a test. i'm still trying to tweak this blog design

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first plunge

here we go... trying to launch a new blog. think i will keep my original 'deep dirt' blog going (at leaast for awhile)

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