Offender Profiles

Occupations Involvement with children Age Locations Past sex arrest
Engineer On parole/in therapy 46 NH YES
GM/Radio Station   44 NH NO
Computer Tech. Mother of two 38 NH NO
College student   18 IA NO
Factory worker   39 SC NO
Nurse Mother of one 31 OK NO
Fast food worker   24 NH NO
Gas station worker Worked as nanny 29 NY NO
Computer Tech.   32 CANADA NO
Air Port worker   32 GA NO
Unemployed   38 NH YES
Engineer Father of 3 children 59 NH NO
Elementary teacher   38 FL NO
Computer Tech. On probation/in therapy 41 CO YES
Laborer Member of Anti-Child Porn grp 29 PA NO
College student   21 CT NO
College student   18 MA NO
Retired   62 NY NO
College student   18 SC NO
College student Tutored students 22 NH NO
USAF Captain Youth group volunteer 27 NH YES
College student   22 NH NO
Elementary teacher   41 ENGLAND NO
Taxi cab dispatcher   31 NY NO
Laborer On federal probation 41 NH NO
College student (law) Youth camp counselor 21 NY NO
High school student   17 NH NO
Gas station worker Worked as a nanny 27 NH NO
Truck driver   43 PA NO
Youth Athletic Dir.   54 VT NO
USAF enlisted Youth volunteer 32 NE NO
College student   18 NH NO
Maintenance worker   44 NY NO
Real Estate sales   43 CANADA NO
Computer Tech.   35 NH NO
Computer Tech.   38 TN NO
Computer Tech.   36 CANADA NO
College Professor   49 PA NO
High School student   17 VT NO
Unknown     CA NO
High School teacher   60 IN NO
College student   18 CANADA NO
Unknown   42 IN NO
Self-employed   24 CANADA NO
College student   29 VA YES
Police Officer   43 KS NO
Sales/Computer   24 CANADA NO
College student   27 CT NO
Student   13 GA NO
Psychologist   31 NE NO
Book Keeper   27 IA NO
Attorney   47 NORWAY NO
Co-Dir. Boys Club   43 MA NO
Purchase agent   40 FL NO
Catholic Brother   56 IL INVESTIGATING
Slot Machine Tech.   40 NV NO
Student   14 SD NO
Illegal Alien   33 NH NO
Computer Tech   35 CO NO
Clairvoyant   49 NETHERLANDS NO
Computer Tech.   42 GA YES
Waiter   31 MA NO
Tax worker   45 CA YES
College student   22 NH NO
Court Officer   24 NY NO
Lab Animal care-taker   29 OH NO
Comp/sys/Manager   45 FL NO
United Way worker   56 MA NO
Police Captain   38 VA NO
High School Student   15 AL NO
High School Student   15 TN NO
High School Student   18 NY NO
Airplane mechanic   43 CANADA NO
Hospital worker   33 CANADA NO
Computer Tech.   42 VT NO
Fireman   20 PA NO
High School Student   16 CO NO
High School Student   16 GA NO
College Student   19 FL NO
Photographer Boy Scout Leader 54 MI YES
Hospital worker   40 MA NO
High School Student   16 MN NO
College Student   19 ID NO
Comp/sys/Manager   23 NY NO
Unknown   36 LA YES
Computer Tech. Tutors children 31 FL NO
High School Student   15 MA NO
Media/Production   34 ME NO
Unemployed   23 ME NO
Christian Radio Reporter   50 WA NO
Youth worker Youth volunteer 37 WA YES
Computer Tech.   37 MA NO
Photographer   53 ME INVESTIGATING
Handicapped   28 TN NO
Catholic Priest   55 WI NO
Waiter   35 NY NO
Store clerk   22 OH NO
Trucking clerk   35 SC NO
Nurse   35 SC NO
Store Clerk   35 NY NO
Handicapped/Unemployed   38 MA NO
Computer Tech. BSA leader 41 MA NO
Police Officer   34 NC NO
High School Student   16 ME NO
High School Student   17 UT NO
Computer Tech.   51 NC YES
Ret. High school teacher   61 IN NO
Computer Tech. Operated Games Store 34 WA NO
Engineering/Aide   50 NY NO
Sr. Project Engineer   41 NC NO
Attorney   43 MA NO
College Student   22 WV NO
Construction Estimates   33 MO NO
High School Student   15 NJ NO
Junior High Student   14 NJ NO
Computer Tech   22 CT NO
High School Student   15 OR NO
High School Student   15 PA NO
Unknown   54 HI NO
X-ray Tech   51 AL NO
Store manager   33 IN NO
Computer Tech.   24 GA NO
High School student   18 WA NO
Food service   32 ME NO
Publishing   44 MA NO
Aids Activist   43 FL NO
Instrument Rental Clerk   44 MN NO
High School Student   17 ME NO
Computer Tech   46 MN YES
Retired   55 OH NO
Salesman   28 WA NO
Chicken processor (under invest for CA) 37 MO NO
Auto Part clerk/   52 CA YES
Unknown   48 CA YES
Unknown   56 FL NO
Carpenter   42 NY NO
Computer Tech.   26 CO NO
Unknown   19 CA NO
Insurance agent   45 IA NO
Computer Tech   45 OH YES
Student   17 CANADA NO
Unemployed   34 KY YES
Unknown   55 CANADA NO
College Student   29 VA NO
Engineer   40 MA NO
Teacher (7th)   30 OK NO
Manager/Manufacturing   28 PA NO
Store manager   40 FL NO
Apartment Bldg. Manager   56 MA NO
Civil Engineer for State of MA   55 MA NO
High School Student   15 FL NO
Unknown   42 IL NO
College Student   21 MI NO
Chemical Engineer Track coach 28 MA NO
Computer Tech   28 CA YES
Grocery Store worker   34 TX NO
High School Teacher Scouting 42 MA NO
Draftsmen   31 CA NO
City Pool Maint.   20 MT NO
Social worker   60 OH NO
Cook   48 OH YES
High School Student   17 AR NO
Electrician   35 GA YES
Security Officer   45 TN NO
Disabled   39 NY NO
High School Student   17 CO NO
Construction worker   45 NH NO
VP of Political Party Youth Volunteer 53 CANADA NO
Labor Supervisor Admits 2 victims 49 WI NO
Maintenance Worker Admits 3 victims 40 NY NO
ATT line worker   40 MI YES
Unemployed   50 OH NO
Hotel Computer worker associates/teens 21 UT NO
Unknown   43 ENGLAND NO
Elementary School Teacher   48 KY No
Computer Tech   53 AR No
Engineer   25 Belgium NO
Mental Health Worker   27 NH NO
Owner Medical Supply Co   44 NH NO
Disabled   Unknown ME NO
Software Development Mng   Unknown MA NO
College Student   20 NH NO
College Student   23 NH NO
Supervisor Nuclear Power Plant   32 FL NO
Mailroom worker   42 IN NO
Unemployed   25 CA NO
College Professor   Unknown NC NO
Youth Counselor   29 KY NO
Factory Worker   47 NH NO
Electronics   40 NH NO
Asst. Youth Camp Director via occupation 25 IN NO
Hotel Worker   40 CO NO
Computer Tech
served time for child molestation 
48 WA Yes
Sewer Worker   52 FL NO
Factory Worker had past victim living w/ him 48 OH Yes
Marketing   46 CA Yes
Unemployed   44 DE NO
Computer Tech
convicted felon
49 MO Yes
Child in home abused
59 CA Yes
Catholic Priest
teacher/orphanage worker
unknown England No
unknown England No
Wine Purchaser
Youth Volunteer
57 IL Yes
Photographing local kids
33 Canada No
Unemployed   34 MD NO
Computer Tech
32 WI Yes
Deli Worker   42 MA NO
30 TN Yes
Truck Driver
Abused neighbor's child
47 NC No
Storeman   43 England NO
College Professor   58 MN NO
Rental Store employee
Registered Sex Offender
49 VA Yes
High School Teacher
Head of English Dept.
45 Canada No
Carpenter   51 TX NO
Unemployed   20 England NO
Gas Station Employee
Volunteer at school
37 IL Yes
Lawn/Garden employee   39 MA NO
Retired   67 LA NO
High School Student   17 England NO
Unemployed   21 MA NO
Investigated for SA 
41 NH NO
Computer Programer   24 NY NO
College Student   20 MA NO
Gas station employee   54 VT NO
College student
Volunteer at Youth Center 
21 MA NO
Comedian   21 MA NO
Pipe fitter   42 Australia NO
HS Student   16 French Antilles NO
College Student   21 MA NO
Mechanical Inspector   48 New Zealand NO
Athletic Coach 
35 Germany Yes
Unknown   57 MA NO
Disabled   56 SC NO
College Student   18 MA NO
Manufactured CP 
59 NH Yes
Unknown   23 WY NO
Executive   47 CA NO
Student   18 IN NO
Unknown   39 NY NO
Truck Driver
Manufactured CP 
56 England NO
Investigated for SA 
36 NH Yes
Self-employed   57 TX NO
Bar Owner
Investigated for SA 
38 NH Yes
Sex Offender Counselor   30 NH NO
Food Service   38 NH Yes
Flower Distributor   49 KY NO
Musician   24 Saudi Arabia NO
Fireworks Salesman   38 PA NO
Unknown   45 NY NO
Vol. Firefighter (Capt.)   31 VA Yes
High School Student   14 Canada No
Grocery Clerk   32 NH No
College Student   20 PA No
Mailroom Worker   25 NH Arrested twice
Unknown   60 UT No
Parolee   22 Canada Yes
Father of 2 sons
51 NJ No
Unknown / Homeless   45 PA No
High School Student   16 MO No
Unemployed   49 MA No
College Student   19 FL No
High School Student   15 MA No
Emergency Medical Tech.   21 OH No
Adolescent Detention Center Guard   31 VA Yes
College Student   19 MO No
High School Student   14 Sweden No
Contact with children
33 FL No
Gov. Work Program   39 Canada Yes
Volunteer Youth Baseball   39 Canada No
Foreign Embassy Employee   28 Washington,DC No
High School Student   17 TX No
Unemployed   37 VT Yes
US Army/Soldier   22 Germany No
Firefighter/EMT   20 WY No
High School Student   16 CA No
High School Student   15 IN No
Unknown   49 OH No
US Army/MP   24 Korea No
Middle School Student   14 OH No
Lawn Care Worker   51 IL No
College Student   23 OR No
Unemployed   19 WV No
High School Student   16 MD No
Unemployed   37 CA Yes
Middle School Student   13 GA No
Salesman   50 ME No
High School Student   17 MD No
Contractor   49 VA No
Elementary School Teacher Foster-care parent 32 ME No
High School Student   16 NH No
Prison Therapist   36 FL No
High School Student   14 Canada No
Ret. Lt/Col USAF   51 GA No
Home Security worker   35 MA No
Taxi Driver admitted S/A of children 39 MA No
Unknown   30 Netherlands No
Unemployed   28 LA Yes
Machinist   44 IN No
Grocery Store Clerk   18 KS No
Unemployed No Child Contact Order 58 England Yes
Waiter/College Student   30 MA No
Cook   23 FL No
Disabled /College Student   37 WV No
Car salesman   49 FL No
Security Guard convicted sex offender 61 Canada Yes
Unemployed   44 Canada No
Maintenance worker   37 NH No
Manufacturing Manager   42 RI No
Unemployed   18 AR No
Retired Police Officer   53 ME No
College Student   19 MA No
Office Worker   42 Canada No
High School Student   18 NC No
Unemployed   28 MO No
Information Tech . Worker   36 MA No
Unemployed Father of 3 38 NY No
Unemployed Hockey Coach  57 Canada Yes
Pest Control   33 LA No
Teacher   45 MI No
Unemployed due to extortion conviction
52 IL No  
Fast food worker   22 CO Yes
Water treatment work   38 AZ No
Unemployed   37 KS No
Unemployed   41 NY No
College Student   18 PA No
Bowling Coach   42 CT Yes
Store Clerk   20 MA No
High School Teacher Hockey Coach 44 MA No
High School Teacher Theater program 58 VT No
High School Student   18 Lithuania No
Computer field pending 5 counts SA 53 AK No
Consultant BBBS volunteer 34 Canada No
Car Salesman lived with 5 children 45 FL No
Unemployed   36 CT No
High School Teacher   50 TN No
Beef Jerky Salesman single parent of 2 44 CA No
Unemployed   42 AL No
Junior High School Student   13 NY No
Data Entry has 2 children 42 WY Yes
YMCA Worker   21 NH No
Landscaper   25 CA No
Store Clerk   25 ME No
Head of Hospital Security fingerprints children 29 NH No
Air Force Contractor two victims identified 38 GA No
Telecommunication Worker father of three children 33 WI No
Social Worker   32 NH No
College Professor   67 TX No
Diesel Mechanic   32 IN No
Laborer Registered Sex Offender 62 GA Yes
Mechanic   18 NH No
Heavy Equipment Operator past victims, no conviction 56 NH No
High School Student   15 NC No
Cashier SA victims found 26 PA No
Dive Instructor   40 TX No
Telephone Worker   25 VA No
Drugstore Clerk   23 MD Yes
College Student Youth Worker 22 PA Yes
Respiratory Therapist   30 CO No
Unemployed   28 NH No
Retired befriends youths 57 SC No
Unemployed registered sex offender 40 NH Yes
Maintenance Man SA victim found 35 MI No
Store Clerk   30 NY No
Medical Student Camp Counselor 36 NH No
Unemployed   58 AL No
Cable Worker   32 TX No
Registered Nurse child patients 42 PA No
Unemployed   58 AL No
Horse Transporter   20 NH No
High School Student   15 OH No
Food Service   33 VT No
Freight Pilot   46 FL No
College Student   23 Canada No
High School Student Class President 17 ME No
College Student baby sitter 21 MD No
Pest Exterminator   43 MO No
College Student on parole for child porn 31 NY YES
Factory Worker   28 NH No

Last updated 02/27/04