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Welcome to the Myst Island Recreation Initiative

We are a small, but dedicated group of AVIDS endevouring to recreate the Island of Myst in every detail possible.

The Initiative is now in what one might call a sort of stasis, where we are officially suspending regular activities for a period of time no longer than four months. This is to allow some of our members to reorganize and for the Initiative as a whole to rethink its goals and methods. We believe that this will be an opportunity to refresh ourselves and come back in a few months full of ideas and enthusiasm for our project.

Our message board will remain open during this time and new members may still join if they wish. If you have any other questions or wish to join, either post said on our message board, or contact Greg Morris.

Greg has completed the letter we are going to send to Cyan Worlds to notify them of our presence, and to request permission to continue! We will remain in Stasis, but this is a good omen for us, and we will hopefully be back in action soon.


  • The NEW letter is finished! Come see.
  • We have entered "stasis".

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