Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       2 Cimi, 4 Pop, 11 Ik        

Greetings! A most Happy New Year to you all! We arrive, dear Hearts, with more to tell you. In the past week, our fleet has increased its liaison activities with our earthly allies and your major governments. Its chief intent is to prepare your planet's rulers for the massive shift that is drawing ever closer. At the same time, we are asking our heavenly supervisors what they now wish us to do. Right now, many decisive events are occurring in secret on your world. Those in power have fought to the end, in a futile attempt to delay the inevitable. This cabal has clearly used every conceivable opportunity to spread misinformation and frustration among those who sincerely wish a change in your planet's contemporary reality. At this point, we wish to assure everyone that change will indeed come to your world. However, one last sequence must be played out to its fullest extent. We ask you, therefore, to remain focused and to understand that a great day is truly dawning upon your world. The many announcements called for in various long-signed agreements will be made. The time for a new world is upon you!

      As your world undergoes a tremendous shift in its reality, your galaxy, also, is changing. The galaxy's central core is in the midst of an immense mutation that will soon change its vibrations and raise it to a new dimension. Presently, its core transmits both energies and information to every element in our galaxy. In turn, it also serves to bring energy and information from this galaxy to the rest of Creation. This operation has continued for more than 40 billion years. Physical Creation is much older than your scientists now believe. At the moment, they cannot accurately measure what they refer to as 'the dark matter', because that energy is part of the inter-dimensional Light that created all physicality. All physicality is simply a reflection of divine consciousness. It is as alive as you are. In a normal lifetime, you are birthed out of this dark matter and, eventually, return to it again. This vast field of Light is a consciousness that extends as far as the Creator. Truly, you are connected to all of life throughout the infinite immensity that is Creation!

      This galaxy has initiated a series of discussions to vastly expand its relationships with many tens of thousands of neighboring galaxies. We have referred briefly to these meetings in many past updates. Our focus, on these occasions, is to augment our knowledge of physicality and to carry out the mission that Heaven has given us. A major part of these activities is the approaching integration of your energies with our own. You remain a vital component in these procedures. Therefore, we have asked representatives from Inner Earth to act as your proxies until your transformation is completed. You continue to play a major role in these conferences. Unbeknown to you, your reputation has traveled throughout physicality. Many of the finest, supreme Souls in Creation have willingly incarnated upon your world. You, dear Hearts, are a vast conglomerate of the most splendid Beings in this galaxy, indeed, in all of physicality. The great Light that has dawned on your world has been born there for a divine purpose. It is destined to transform physicality and to reunite physicality with Heaven.

     Present events are based upon positive change. The negative reality in which you live now is ending. It is almost in position to transform into a more effective, more open global society. The unfortunate part of this process is that every effect in the environment will remain the same until the major alterations have been completed. Thus, you continue to feel that nothing is changing and that your reality is becoming even bleaker. This, in fact, is not the case. It is occurring only because your last, still-powerful cabal has used every last shred of power to delay the inevitable. On your world, change is carried out behind closed doors by those powerful enough to gain entrance to the room. The replacement of an influential member is equivalent to a major coup. The process has to be undertaken very carefully, and is often accompanied by copious misinformation on all sides, as well as disbelief at the actual events. The Anunnaki's minions have followed this pattern for millennia and show no signs of changing their methods of influencing the drama's outcome.

      It is important for you to understand that a great many significant events are unfolding on your world. Until the right time, your media and the rumor mills of the world will be rife with misinformation and useless innuendo. In this, learn to trust your inner 'Heart Logic'. It alone possesses an intuition that is able to discern the lies from the Truth. We ask you, moreover, to remain focused and fully committed to your inevitable victory. Although the forces of darkness upon your world are in retreat, those who inform you are not yet at liberty to accurately describe what is occurring. As a result, a vast gulf has developed between what is true and what is not. To this end, we can assure you that our commitment to first contact has not changed. Our liaisons are working diligently to ensure that the outcomes entrusted us by Heaven are appropriately manifested. This operation has reached the point at which a number of critical events will be revealed.

      We are accelerating the 'terra-forming' of your two sister planets, Mars and Venus. Mars, because of its importance to our mission, is the focal point of our actions. When Mars was altered by an attack from our former opponents, its dense atmosphere and vast hydrosphere were almost eliminated. What remain are an enormous underground aquifer and a very thin atmosphere. We have allowed this underground sea to return slowly to the surface. We have also been 'thickening' the Martian atmosphere, which has nearly tripled in the volume of oxygen and other gases it needs to sustain life. This operation will cut the time needed to restore Mars to its former, pristine self. Further, we have begun to reactivate Venus. The degree of volcanism caused by the up-welling of its near surface magma is the first focus of our activities.

      Your Sun remains in its current hyperactive state. We are altering the Sun's magnetic fields to change her effects on her many daughter planets. Your solar system is approaching an immense mutation. The driving force that underlies this timing remains your transformation, and the divine timetable granted by the divine plan. We are constantly awed by its beauty and by the way Heaven carries out this operation. Every day, the divine orchestrates an infinite number of elements. Gradually, your Sun is moving its solar system toward a time when its look and feel will be very different. This 'new' solar system will return you to your former glories. It will be the harbinger of what awaits you. We in physicality look forward eagerly to this destiny. You, dear Hearts, are on the verge of greatness!

      As we will continue to repeat, dear Hearts, you are in the midst of a huge and positive transformation that encompasses both you and your reality. This change began long ago, when you were first thrust into limited consciousness. We ask you to remain focused on the outcomes that are near at hand. An enormous revolution is occurring in the power structure that has governed you and your world. These dark Beings have brought you and Mother Earth to the very edge of ruin. However, individuals within these covert structures, who wish a different, more positive scenario, have courageously stepped forward. Their actions have triumphed. Our liaisons inform us that many extraordinary things are about to be manifested. Using your great, collective energies to support this mission, let us, together, move diligently toward our magnificent, shared victory!

      Today, we have continued our discussions concerning events on your world, in your solar system and throughout physicality. Again, we ask you to forge ahead with your noble efforts by maintaining your focus and commitment to your inevitable victory. The time for our celebration draws closer with each passing day. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts, that the incalculable Prosperity and Abundance of Heaven is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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