Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       13 Kan, 17 Mol, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin, dear Hearts! We come again, filled with Joy. To us, this present holiday season is one of many harbingers of a new era of peace and harmony for your world. At this very moment, many wondrous preparations are being made. These events are only the beginning of a process that will result in your first contact. As we have often mentioned, first contact concerns your acceptance of the events that precede our coming, as well as the actual physical occurrence itself. Our arrival on your shores is already a fait accompli to the major governments of your world. In fact, an off-world presence of some sort or another is a daily fact to your many secret rulers. They understand the mechanisms behind first contact and have long employed this knowledge to delay our formal arrival. Events are now in place, however, which quickly promise to remedy this situation. Because the diplomatic and liaison arms of our first contact fleet have worked closely with our Earth allies regarding these matters, we are now in possession of the legal and other means we need to promote our preferred scenarios.

      To appreciate how your secret rulers control you, you need first to understand how their networks of fear and limitation operate. The key to manifesting anything is to focus strongly on what your true heart most desires. For this focus to succeed, it needs to be free of fear and other external issues that can worry and sidetrack your efforts. Thus, the general public long ago was plunged into a global grid full of fears, divisions and limitations. To support this system, a psychic network was created after WWII. Mind control technologies, given to your secret governments in the late 1940s and early 1950s, augmented this process. Their underlying purpose was to weaken your ability to resist their control of your actions. By broadcasting special negative subliminal thoughts every day, they make you less willing to defy their control. Nevertheless, a few of you have overcome these mighty networks of doom and achieved your objectives. Your forthrightness and courage have conveyed us to the brink of a first contact with your world.

      The many networks created by your secret rulers are merely temporal in nature, totally lacking the power to forestall strong-minded individuals who are capable of withstanding its constant onslaught. While the vast majority of your world's society yielded to this pressure long ago, it is the growing strength of those who wish freedom from this heinous behavior that first brought us to your shores. An arena built on mental and emotional consciousness is the place for this continuing struggle. Those who secretly control your society understand the authenticity of the psychic and conscious worlds and how closely they are related to each other. These covert rulers know that the science of consciousness is the next step in the development of your technology. That work is continuing in many of their secret laboratories - in fact, they are close to making a number of important breakthroughs in this area. Accordingly, we have contacted many of the scientists involved and warned them that we are preventing such a catastrophe. This has intensified the inner secret war being waged between us.

      This conflict concerns the direction your world is to take in the very near future. Although you may be only dimly aware, if at all, of its existence, this intense struggle is the crucial one between Heaven and your dark, secret rulers. It concerns who and what you will be. We rarely discuss this strange war, even with our contactees, but its success is fundamentally important to us. Thus far, we have prevented these dark cabals from seriously interfering with your growing consciousness. A few years ago, this operation reached the point at which it became impossible, to any great degree, to reverse this change in your consciousness. Thus, they attempted to slow it down, simply by increasing the potency of many common seasonal diseases, such as flu, and by spreading a number of internally created diseases. Their evil goal was two-fold: First, to decrease certain undesired populations worldwide and second, to affect newborns' abilities and longevity.

      Moreover, the nature of our task is very subtle. First, we have observed the many biological projects produced in the dark cabal's laboratories. While we have drastically curtailed these projects since the late 1990s, several of them, introduced during the 1970s and '80s, devastated your world and became major global epidemics. Our medical teams are monitoring them and can directly interfere only when first contact occurs. Until then, we are limited in what we can do here. Therefore, we call upon all concerned to use your spiritual and physical resources to counter these artificially-created epidemics. Ultimately, the crimes committed against humanity can, and will, be used to unmask the evil nature of these dark cabals and will help to bring them down. As mentioned earlier, our Earth allies are moving swiftly to document the transgressions of these last dark groups against your society and Mother Earth.

      The many networks devised by the dark cabals to control your minds are beginning to fail. Likewise, the psychic nets designed specially to alter your belief systems are starting to collapse. Still, these cabals remain resolute in their defiance. But, despite the powerful foundation of their political power, their dark cause is disintegrating. Every day, more and more of your global population turns away from them. Even in their adopted homelands of North America, protests against their true core objectives are gaining strength. This has enabled our Earth allies to continue their programs to defeat the last vestiges of a formerly global 'evil empire' closely controlled by the off-world Anunnaki. This final group of cabals has waged their campaigns by means of an onslaught of disinformation that is closely linked to an unfortunate degree of military adventurism.

      Our Earth allies have persisted in their efforts to end the political power position that this last, dark cabal gained in late 2000. Even the disaster produced by this dark cabal in September of 2001 has not put a stop to our allies' endeavors. We applaud them, and assure them that we remain ready to act on their behalf and successfully bring to an end this last global conflict. Many of you erroneously believe that some 'free will' decision is preventing us from presently intervening. This cannot be further from the truth. Right now, the sole determiner in this matter is Heaven. Once Heaven tells us that the divine moment has arrived, we will instantly initiate our all-encompassing first contact scenario. At present, this secret conflict has reached a point of decision. We ask you, dear Ones, to support us. We also ask Heaven to decree our release so that we may begin to realize our first contact plans.

      Clearly, the past few months have been hectic for everyone concerned in these matters. In our opinion, this time of decision is being prolonged. Many of our Earth allies are busily making vital decisions and completing a number of crucial projects. Meanwhile, our diplomatic liaisons have noticed a mounting tension. The time has come to act! We have waited patiently for this denouement. We know that the final push will be successful. As we have said before, the dark cabal's strategies are failing. Their protracted failure makes them more dangerous, as well as more vulnerable. Thus, the appropriate strategy is to be cautious on a more overt level, and more daring on another. We have summarized this strategy to our Earth allies on several occasions. We are pleased that they seem to be following its basic precepts. Remember that together, we shall be victorious!

      Today, we have reviewed the events that are unfolding on your world. Here, we ask you, once again, to remain clearly focused upon, and wholeheartedly committed to, your inevitable victory. Use this time to search your Heart and discern your true desires. Once learned, they will serve to collectively support our final call and divine timing for your victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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