Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       3 Ben, 11 Moan, 11 Ik        

Greetings! We come, dear hearts, with a number of items to discuss. It is important for you to realize that this reality of yours is changing, and that a new reality is beginning to be made known to you. That new reality reconnects various elements of your world that you, for many years, have either ignored or disregarded. These include the peoples of Inner Earth, the cetacean nation and the infinite worlds of Spirit that surround you. During the past few decades, these aspects of your reality have slowly come into clearer focus for you. Still, most of you have continued to ignore them or felt unable to fully comprehend their meaning to this realm. An integral part of this discernment is your willingness to look beyond your present concepts of science and the supposed beginnings of your history. Mother Earth, as some of you know, is a living, breathing entity. She has long sheltered you and demonstrated the infinite depths of Love she feels for you. Her Love is unconditional. Unlike you, she is aware of your long, shared history. That history also includes a continuing mission from the star-nation Sirius and her many Galactic Federation of Light allies.

      Our mission with Mother Earth began during the formation of your galaxy, when the Council of the Nine established a home in this galaxy for the Blue Light of the Blue Lodge. The location they chose was the Sirius star system. By nature, Sirius is multi-dimensional. This property has allowed her to function as a natural bridge between your galaxy and Spirit. As you know, the massive singularity that originally birthed this galaxy nearly 50 billion years ago is located in Mother Earth's core. At first, Earth existed in the galactic core. Then, approximately 10 billion years later, the galactic Elohim thrust her into her present position to balance this galaxy and change its shape to spiral. Initially, Mother Earth took form as a physical planet and drifted in deep space. Then, about twenty billion years ago, the Sun appeared and created a proto-solar system. Earth joined it and, by working with her new planetary family, stabilized it. Your solar system has undergone many trials since then, including several inter-world collisions and an ever-changing scattering of the solar system's many moons.

      Tens of billions of years ago, when the first Beings of Light entered your galaxy, they were already aware of Mother Earth's importance. It became vital for them to protect her. As these Beings took more physical form, they retained their commitment to help and protect her. When humans first evolved as sentient creatures on Vega, their co-creators (your cetacean nation) further prevailed upon them to safeguard her. That need was finally realized when humans of the Sirian Star-nation were permitted to take charge of a second colonization of your solar system. Their colony was called Lemuria. From its inception, a strong link was forged between Mother Earth and the star Sirius. The Sirian Star-nation was instructed to monitor Earth and assist Spirit in her protection. This we have gladly done for nearly one million years. However, in the hour of humanity's great fall, we were forced to pull back slightly. At that point, Heaven decreed that the time had arrived when a temporary degree of darkness should surround you. Later, at a chosen time, the veil was to be lifted. Now is that special moment.

     Mother Sirius, as many of your cultures have called us, has remained ever vigilant of this world. At Heaven's urging, we have done our part to spread Light to your dark realm. At other times, we have only watched, carefully recording what befalls you. Moreover, our star-nation conducts constant ritual to aid you in your trials and your changes. We yearn for the time when a more direct, 'hands-on' approach will be permitted. At last, that more open time is arriving. Our Galactic Federation of Light allies are also ecstatic at the prospects. We have formed a section of the first contact mission, consisting of fifty major human star-nations that will be the first to visit you. Our commanders have learned a great deal in the course of this past decade. We have seen you struggle and have watched as many of you came together. Our earthly allies, also, have undergone a series of transformations.

      Now, a divine process has begun that will give you a new perspective. This fresh outlook is related to your rising levels of consciousness. Here, always remember that you exist on infinite levels of awareness. This state of affairs is mirrored in the physical. You live in a realm where individuals form enormous, unevenly dispersed 'pools' in which different degrees of awareness exist. Your intent is to draw on your rising levels of consciousness to help those who suffer different types of physical, mental and emotional distress resulting from this process. A similar situation is taking place at the highest levels of our earthly allies. Their difficulty has been in expanding their concepts of power to include their spiritual and space families. This problem occurs frequently in a society like yours. At this time, a pronounced xenophobia exists but is slowly dissipating. This process is limited by your need to leap from a planetary concept to a galactic one.

      Your need to make a quantum leap from your society's present level to another, and then another yet again, is at the vanguard of our plans for first contact. Ultimately, what makes this first contact so unique is the heavily divisive nature of your planet's society. You need to accept a mentor and then willingly follow her advice. Our role is to be that galactic mentor. As such, Heaven has set forth to us a firm series of decrees on these matters. There are a number of interlocking scenarios for the final stages of first contact. The first will be in the role of educator, seer and historian. It will be dealt with in our initial announcements and in our advisory capacity with our earthly allies. We intend to clear away everything we have learned about the workings of power in your society. Our wish is for you to transform this into a more spiritually-aware technique.

      The second scenario will be to act as a physical resource for your transformation. Right now, you are moving very slowly toward your changes. We need to accelerate your pace exponentially. You require models and a planning system to unite your global society. You also need to understand how you can incorporate your cultural diversity and uniqueness into this process. We have authorized a large number of special liaisons to advise you. In this case, we will be strictly supervised by your Ascended Masters. As this process moves forward, you will be introduced to the Ascended Masters of the Sirian Star-nation. They have joined with your Ascended Masters to form a special board for these procedures. Their plan is to move you swiftly into a prototype of your now-forming galactic society.

      The last scenario will involve your union with the cetacean nation and the peoples of Agharta. It will mark the time when you are irrevocably ready for the final metamorphosis. At that point, we will simply act as transporters for your final, brief trip into full consciousness. This concluding phase will mean that the long, dark journey you have been on for the past 13 millennia will be over. Now, you can meld the lessons and wisdom you have gained on this journey. From it, you will add the finishing touches to your unfolding galactic society. Then, you will become our partners in the exalted final unveiling of this Sixth Creation. We look forward to this wonder and know that your magnificent natural abilities will reveal a new and glorious reality. Your talents will also bring physicality together, guiding us to the transcendent moments when the last, unparalleled decrees of the divine plan will be manifested.

      Today, we have explained some of what we intend to do to complete this first contact. We ask you to use the resources that Heaven has given you to build a new reality overflowing with peace, cooperation and mutual understanding. Open yourselves to whatever is about to unfold and, above all, remain centered and utterly committed to your success. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and unending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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