The McEvoy Family in South Australia
Descendants of Dennis McEvoy, born Ireland, arrived SA 1840

Many thanks to John Kilmartin who researched and supplied nearly all of the information on this page.
I have added some details from and from a sheet of information I have which was written in 1976 by Allan McEvoy, born 1902.

Dennis McEvoy, an agricultural labourer, came out to Australia from Blackrock in Dublin, arriving at Pt Adelaide on 17th June, 1840 aboard the Charles Kerr according to the database at the Pt Adelaide Maritime Museum.
Dennis married Ellen Jane Carson, born 17/4/1824, Ireland, on 25th April, 1843. Ellen arrived in Australia on 1st October, 1840, aboard the Mary Dugdale.
They bought land at Dry Creek, 20 miles from Adelaide.
There were nine children:

    A. Catherine Mary (Kitty) 1844 to 19-8-1928
    B. John Peter 1-4-1845 to 30-6-1895
    C. William 4-8-1847 to 20-7-1921
    D. Joseph Michael 31-1-1850 to 29-7-1930
    E. Dennis Matthew 31-1-1850 to 26-1-1935
    F. Edward 30-6-1853 to 3-7-1939
    G. Robert 8-3-1855 to 6-10/1931
    H. Daniel 19-6-1859 to 9-2-1947
    I. Francis 18-6-1862 to 14-6-1910

Dennis senior died in an accident in 1866 and Ellen then married Luke Plunkett to the chagrin of her children, it seems. She lived to 96 years of age and is buried in West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.

Three of the McEvoy boys married three Case girls who were the children of Emmanuel and Mary Case (nee Starr) who migrated to SA in 1838, 2 years earlier than the McEvoys and Carsons.

A. Catherine Mary (Kitty) born 1844 died:19-8-1928 married:James Quinn born c.1842 died 9-6-1929, on 20-2-1865 at Hammond
One daughter who married a Case?

B. John (Peter) born:1-4-1845 died:30-6-1898 married: Mary Anne Hallion born: 1840, at St Peter and Paul's Cathedral, Gawler on 23-4-1866
10 Children:

    John William born:4-2-1867 died:19-2-1915 married:Ellen Parnell on 16-6-1890 at Sevenhills, children:Frank, Bill, Roy, 8 girls(Riverton)
    Henry-to WA
    Joe died 1931 of peritonitis. Lived with sister Mary at small farm at Upper Wakefield. They fostered Allan who worked as a labourer for them and took the McEvoy surname.
    Robert Patrick born:25-3-1875 died:7-10-1966 married:Flora Helena Rivett at Balaklava born:4-4-1882 died:22-10-1974, children:Dennis, Louie, Joe, Jim
    Marcella Agnes Mary Anny born:24-3-1877 married William Henry Webb, Peterborough
    Catherine Jane born:21-1-1879 died:1966
    Dennis Leo born:3-4-1881 died 18-8-1881
    Mary St Clare born:2-8-1882 died:1964 St Peters, single
    Margaret Rose Ann born:22-2-1885 died c.1972 married Ryan lived Whyalla, Yaninee, Yeelanna

C. William Andrew born:4-8-1847 died: 20-7-1921 married: Catherine Lucy Mahoney nee Case, a widow, at Kadina
8 children:

    William Francis b. 11-12-1879 died:20-3-1965 married:Mary Hogan on 17-7-1911 at Booboorowie
    Bernard Patrick born: 11-12-1879 died 27-4-1966 married 1:Margaret Callaghan, married 2: Bertha Charlotte Schiller
    Arthur born:20-1-1881 died:24-1-1881 buried:Wirrabara cemetery
    Mary Ellen born:9-5-1882 died:15-6-1954 married:James Laurence McMahon
    Arthur Thomas born:11-3-1884 died:25-5-1972 married:Mary Mahony nee Case on 25-6-1919
    Catherine Agnes born:13-1-1886 died:7-10-1968 married:John Joseph Walsh
    Anastasia (Stacy) Grace born:24-4-1888 died:16-1-1967 buried:St Aloysius Cemetery, Sevenhill
    Martin Dennis born:6-1-1891 died:1960 married Renee Josephine Messenger at Hindmarsh on 30-3-1929

D. Joseph Michael (twin to Dennis Matthew) born:31-1-1850 died:29-7-1930 married:Eliza Ann Case on 21-8-1877 at Redhill.
9 children:

    Herbert born:9-6-1879 died:9-6-1879
    Frederick Joseph born:2-12-1880 died:25-1-1962 buried:Streaky Bay Cemetery married:Annie Edith Puckridge born:13-5-1891 parents:Hannah and Horace Puckridge died:13-3-1954 buried Streaky Bay cemetery, on 24-11-1908. 10 children:
    Rose Ellen born:18-9-1882 died:9-10-1953 buried Streaky Bay married:Norman Adkins on 15-5-1918. Norman Adkins is buried at Broken Hill Cemetery. One adopted son, a priest.
    Alexander Dennis born:22-3-1884 married:Myrtle Cecily North on 7-2-1916. The family story is available in Getting By by Evelyn Nelson, which I used for some information in compiling these pages.
    Anne Laura born:25-3-1886 married:Matthew Phyland on 10-10-1916
    Jessie Florence born:1-10-1887 married:Richard Hall Plush on 30-12-1919 Edwin Robert born:19-9-1889 married:Alice Gallah Barrett on 26-4-1914 at Streaky Bay
    Amelia Agnes born:3-4-1892 married:Frank Charles Feltus on 19-8-1914
    Charles Joseph born:11-2-1900 married Kathleen Minnie Allen on 28-2-1922

E. Dennis Matthew born:31-1-1850 died:26-1-1935 married:Ellen Case on 6-1-1884 at Carrieton, farmed at Bute, Balaklava
8 children:

    Ellen Edith born:28-12-1884 died:20-1-1885
    Herbert (Herb) Denis born:25-3-1886 died:9-5-1938 married:May Blackmore
    Olive Cecelia born:12-1-1888 died 7-7-1969 married: Ernest Phillis
    Raphael (Ray) James born:19-11-1892 married:Victoria May Bullock, adopted son, Laurence
    Laura Jane born:26-3-1895 died:17-7-1964 Semaphore. Not married
    Vincent Anthony born:30-8-1897 married:Ruby Maude Bullock on 8-4-1920 at Snowtown
    Kathleen Philomena born:22-6-1901 in Bute died 4-8-1969 Tungkillo married:John Valentine (Val) Kain born:16-2-1900 on 3-1-26 in Blackwood, children:Margaret, Vin, Miriam, Eugene, John, Maureen, Phillip
    Madeline Rose born:16-1-1891 married:Carl Edwin Pfeiffer

F. Edward (Ted, Ned) born:30-6-1852 died:3-7-1939 not married. "A wanderer but respectable"

G. Robert born:8-3-1855 died:6-10-1931 not married. A mason at Balaklava

H. Daniel Mathias born:19-6-1859 Gawler, blacksmith, died:9-2-1947 in North Adelaide married:Louisa Cormack born: 20-4-1860 in MacDuff, Scotland died:31-5-1945, on 28-12-1878. Both buried at St Aloysius Cemetery, Sevenhill
5 children

    Elizabeth Ann born:24-7-1880 Ann born:26-9-1885
    John James born:16-6-1892 died:27-1-1893
    Jane Alice born:15-1-1894 died:23-7-1908

I. Francis born:18-6-1862 in Lewiston, SA, occ:mason died:14-6-1910 buried:Balaklava married:Johanne Louise Zilm born:12-10-1864, at Willochra on 8-11-84.
4 children:

    Albert born:4-11-1885 died:26-10-1966
    Francis Joseph born:30-7-1887 died:30-11-1926
    Harrold James born 26-12-1891 died:6-8-1915 in Gallipoli burial: Lone Pine Memorial at Gallipoli
    Jane May born:25-5-1893 died:2-2-1904

Joseph McEvoy and Eliza Case and children