1st February 1999
brought to you by Mugwum and Coonz

Welcome to the PlanetShogo mailbag. This week we turn around last week's mailbag and ask what you "What would you do if you were Sanjuro and just found out that Kura was alive after all your time with Kathryn?

Am I late? - cool mod left over from last weeks mailbag.
How about a bot? - good idea for those lonely, empty servers.


Patch? from Wildstar
Will there ever be another patch for Shogo? Is there one in the works? Ever since the last patch my Shogo has been unplayable most of the time on the Internet. Soaring pings and frequent lockups have prevented me from enjoying the game. From what I have seen I am definately not alone in this. Apart from a brief news post on PlanetShogo saying they were looking into it, I haven't heard a peep. After patch 1.1 it just got worse.

    Yes there will be another patch. I have a beta 2.2 at the moment so it is being worked on.

This week's chosen topic

2 girls from Wicked Willi
Hey...sounds like a threesome to me :)
    Short, sweet and dirty... You remind me of Billy Wicked ;)

Well, Kura or Kathryn.....? from C (e-mail me and I'll put you full name up)
Well, obviously, seeing as Sanjuro's such an immense stud (not to put lude connotations in), he could probably get away with what all great heros seem to do these days: have BOTH.
I mean, why not? He spent years falling deeper and deeper in love with Kura, they built on it like a bricklayer on Prozac, he screwed up and she 'died', and then he turned to Kathryn for support, so as it was such a hard time for both of them, they would've built up a pretty damn strong love between them, right?

SO, aside from the occasional snide comment about his morals, what's he got to lose?
In a way, it's probably the most humaine thing he can do. I mean look at James Bond?
Half the girls he sleeps with die anyway, but you'd at least think that he'd stay with the other half, right? Why not Sanjuro? Only TWO! And he already loves both, right?

OK, so maybe I'm just full of sh*t, because you just KNOW that things just don't work that way (not since the end of the '70s, anyway), but it's still an idea.


    Ok, ok, I really like ya =). First James Bond then you make the comment about the 70's (Disco rulez). Anyway, I feel your right, go for it Sanjuro! As for Kathryn and Kura and both stickin' with Sanjuro, I have only two words, JERRY SPRINGER!
well what id do is.... from Jonathan chartrand
I'd stay with Kathryn, and ditch the b*tch

    Um... * = insert vowel here =). Come on TRY to be good peoples I do like to post these...

Sanjuro, Kura, and stuff from Asuka Langley [SS]
Hehe....I would keep them both hehehe

    I guess there must not be enough Kura and Kathryn to go around. =) I was just gonna ask Sanjuro to share...

no title from MaTaLiC

    Well I think the answer is looking pretty clear, menagetrois!

A Bronco's helmet filled with whipped cream, please! from Terminal Blue
If I was Sanjuro, I wouldn't take Kura or Kathryn. I'd go after Carla, the bartender on the Leviathan. I mean, c'mon! Free booze!

    Ya know I never thought about that... Your right who needs them? Oh wait, didn't Sanjuro blow her up? =)

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