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asono 100f 256MB
asono 100f 256MB

 26. Feb 2004
 29. Jan 2004
 22. Jan 2004

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asono Sound-hub 20GB

asono Soundhub 20GB is one of the most advanced hard disk digital audio players on the market. Cool design, extremly small, and plenty of features makes this is a real bargain for a hard disk based MP3 player.

Storage device / Portable hard disk
You may use the asono Soundhub as a portable hard disk, where you may take back-up from your PC, store documents or pictures etc. The asono Soundhub uses a 1,8� 20GB hard disk; USB 2.0 (also supports USB 1.0 and 1.1.). Another great feature is that the player is simply plug and play for all OS over Win 98.

Plays MP3, WMA, OGG files
The player supports both MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG files. Excellent sound picture including five equalizer settings (Normal, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Ultra-Bass), in addition you may create your user-defined equalizer. You can create your own play lists on the player and easily transfer or navigate songs directly into folders sorted by different categories like artist/album/song. You may also navigate by alphabetical order.

FM Radio
asono Soundhub contains a very good radio including up to 20 preset radio channels. You may also record directly from any radio channel onto the hard disk. The recordings are stored as MP3 files.

Direct MP3 recording - Encoding
Supplied with an advanced encoding feature, this player may record songs or audio directly form a CD player, Mini Disc, microphone, etc. The player will convert the recordings to MP3 files.

Voice recorder
asono Soundhub features a voice recorder for recording of meetings, lectures, speeches etc.

Support text files
You may read files stored as .txt directly on the player.

Other features
Over 16 hours battery capacity from the internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Large 7 line LCD display with EL backlight for easy and quick navigation. Size only 66,5 x 99,5 x 22mm.

High resoulution picture