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GameNOW : Now Playing : Game Boy Advance : Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
Also On: n/a
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Square Enix
Genre(s): Role Playing Game > Strategy
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Release Date: 9/8/2003 (USA)
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PROS: Amazing depth; Amazing replayability; Great multiplayer features

CONS: Um, you'll play so long that your batteries will run out?

BOTTOM LINE: People who don't play this are suckers.

By Miguel Lopez

Final Fantasy Tactics is one of those great RPGs that everyone—particularly those who know what they're talking about—worships. I would go as far as saying that it's the best 32-bit Final Fantasy game, but that might cause legions of Square fans to send packs of rabid dogs after me, so that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the business, and if you even pretend to like RPGs in their purest form, you have to play it.


But here's what you shouldn't expect: a real story, with cinematic clips every 10 minutes; a predetermined path for you to follow; or any limits placed on the way your characters evolve. You won't get any of that, and you shouldn't really miss it. The game works in its own cool way. Basically, you'll have access to a bunch of missions that you can take, some of which contain story elements. The ones that don't are just simple battles, yielding you cash rewards, items, and the opportunity to power up your characters.

Customizing your characters is where the real fun comes in. There's a crapload of classes for your characters, and you can control their evolution as much as you want. And once you earn a class, you can mix its abilities with those of others, creating some unique and powerful warriors. Know what else is fresh? If you get bored of playing the single-player game, you can link up with a friend and battle each other.

So yeah, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance lives up to its legacy—and then some. Easily one of the best GBA games around. If pure RPG madness is what you crave, then you know what to do.

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 Kaimon (2/7/2004)
Inaccuracy in review
I'm not quite sure if the reviewer or editor played the whole game, or more specifically all of the functions he mentions. When linking up, you don't battle against another player, you battle alongsid ...
...full review
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 Shadow_Wraith66 (1/6/2004)
Fun but gets old
Its a fun game that I have almost 50 hours on but it gets old if you need to train and not do missions. It's by far one of the funnest game I have played, and overall... BUY IT. ...
...full review
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 keyhole0 (11/14/2003)
help! i can't stop fighting evil!
i'll make this short. i've been playng ffta for 115 hours and 12 minutes and i'm still not bored with it! i think any game that can keep a person entertained this long should recieve the highest hon ...
...full review
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Release Date: 9/8/2003 (USA) Players: 1

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