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PHP Fusion is a constantly evolving Content Management System designed to be easy to install, administrate and maintain. Current features include simple News/Article publishing tools, Forums, Shoutbox (for short comments), Member Polls, a variety of themes and more. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to post a forum or shoutbox message, or drop me a line at

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General Discussion Sasser Worm Spreading 29 4 yalrighty
04-05-04 at 17:43
Themes & Mods Printer friendly... 140 18 phpbuddy
04-05-04 at 16:56
Modification Help Search Engine for Fusion 6 0 Riklaunim
04-05-04 at 16:15
Official Core Support Upgrading to 3.05 17 1 Sheldon
04-05-04 at 15:57
Themes & Mods Members only links/pages 290 21 klemenz
04-05-04 at 15:28
Feature Requests txtSQL 125 15 Digitanium
04-05-04 at 15:24
Feature Requests Remember me Chekbox 87 8 klemenz
04-05-04 at 15:22
Themes & Mods MOD - File Manager (teaser) 913 58 n3pumuk
04-05-04 at 13:57
Bugs & Errors Editing another user's posts!! 37 4 janmol
04-05-04 at 13:46
Bugs & Errors Shoutbox Archive 28 4 bbene
04-05-04 at 13:13
German & Spanish
Posted by Digitanium on May 03 2004 at 14:33:24
German & Spanish language files are now available for download. If you are interested in translating PHP-Fusion into other languages please contact me or post a comment, any contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.
New Home
Posted by Digitanium on May 02 2004 at 19:35:27
Here we are in a new home. Please bear with me as I update the various site elements, the data has been transferred from Digital Dominion, so there's no need to re-register if you were a member. The forum code is partially brand new, so there may be some odd glitches even though I am confident it is in full working order. I have also received updated German and Spanish language files for v3.05 and will make them available soon.
Farewell Digital Dominion
Posted by Digitanium on May 01 2004 at 13:30:12
I'm delighted to announce that I have secured the purchase of the domain and acquired new hosting. The data from this site will be transfered, so we won't lose any info. Digital Dominion will remain until the domain & hosting expires in October. should be active within the next 72-hours, I'll let you know when it's running.
PHP-Fusion v3.05 back up
Posted by Digitanium on April 26 2004 at 22:12:30
PHP-Fusion v3.05 is available again for download. The header issue has now been resolved, hopefully everything will perform as it should. Existing v3.05 users can simply upload the files from the upgrade package, no need to run upgrade script. Thankyou for your patience.

Update: Only one minor irk rose over night, the validation code image on the registration page doesn't work. Well dont worry simply download this file: core-fix. Problem solved. Full & Upgrade packs have been updated.
3.05 problem isolated
Posted by Digitanium on April 26 2004 at 18:25:18
Latest tests have confirmed my suspicion that the headers call to the config file is responsible for the no show forum / admin panel. I hope to have a solution within the next few hours. Until then v3.05 is off-line.
PHP-Fusion v3.05 Patch B
Posted by Digitanium on April 26 2004 at 12:33:17
In a bid to ease current problems I have made some minor code adjustments. This pack also includes a script called which will fix any unexpected slashes which should not be visible. Run this once, i.e. Note this will take a few seconds to run, so wait for it to complete. Once done, delete dbpatch.php. Note these fixes have been added to the v3.05 upgrade pack. Full install has also been updated.

It does not resolve the no show forum / admin issue, but i'm working on it!

Download v3.05 Patch B
PHP-Fusion v3.05
Posted by Digitanium on April 26 2004 at 11:13:10
It seems v3.05 is causing a number of strange faults, I can only assume this is something to do with the minor core rewrite. I'm not 100% sure, so, can all users who have upgraded to or installed v3.05 please post in the v3.05 performance thread. Please try to explain any probs in detail.
Free PHP-Fusion Hosting from
Posted by Digitanium on April 25 2004 at 20:51:24 is offering every user of PHP-Fusion a free 15MB hosting account.

Click readmore to get the rest of the information

Submitted by Sheldon on April 25 2004 at 20:46:52
v3.05 Patch
Posted by Digitanium on April 24 2004 at 21:59:28
Unfortunately some items were not properly set in the initial releases of PHP-Fusion v3.05 (Full Install and Upgrade). I have created a patched set of files to rectify these problems for those of you who have installed or upgraded to v3.05. This fixes problems with the submit news feature, news publishing problems and registration.

Upload the files from to your webserver and execute patch.php (i.e. Once you have done that delete the file patch.php from your webserver.

As for register.php I have added 2 settings near the top of the file:

$show_image is used to show the validation code as an image or as plain text.
$send_mail enables or disables the use of sendmail.

Both of these are set to on by default.

Download 305 Patch (18Kb)
PHP-Fusion v3.05 Goes Gold!
Posted by Digitanium on April 24 2004 at 11:39:39
PHP-Fusion v3.05 is out! Complete in 3 languages, English, Danish & Dutch. German and Spanish language files are awaiting updates. v3.05 represents by far the best version of PHP-Fusion so far, with added features including a Guestbook, Private Forums, Easy creation of extra content via Custom Pages and a more secure registration procedure. You can choose to start afresh via the full version, or upgrade from v3.04, the choice is yours! Click Read More for details.

!Read the ReadMe First file for installation/upgrade instructions!
Download PHP-Fusion v3.05 (Updated)
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04.05.04 at 17:30
04.05.04 at 17:30
your moniker should be "The Question"
04.05.04 at 17:29
The 'payment' for using Fusion is the footer and link back to this site. No other payment is required
04.05.04 at 17:29
04.05.04 at 17:28
Okay... Nick Jones is the author of PHP-Fusion and he will let you download and deploy the PhP-Fusion CMS on your website free of charge if you leave the footer that gives him credit
04.05.04 at 17:27
THANKS! I almost had an heartattack
04.05.04 at 17:27
As long as you leave the footer as is (giving proper credit to Digi) you can use it as much as you want FOR FREE.... but if you really like it and its beneficial to you, drop a PayPal to Digi
04.05.04 at 17:27
I only have to pay, if I remove the Powered by.... in the buttom?
04.05.04 at 17:26
Don't understand
04.05.04 at 17:26

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