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Felicia/Female/16-20. Lives in United States/California/Huntington Beach/Orange County, speaks English. Spends 60% of daytime online. Uses a Faster (1M+) connection. And likes the beach/the water.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003


theres a surf contest at hb and one of the surfers who aparently won first place today came by my work and he gave me his autograph... hes only 13 and hes gone pro... check him out here
christian wach otherwise ive been working alot.. too much almost.. been ummm yea im tired... alrighty... gonna go to sleep... oh but before i do... ive been thinking alot about a certain person and like... i miss this person so much... and i keep thinking abou thow much i feel for them and how much i want to be around them and near them adn a part of their life and have them be a part of my own... and its tough bc i dont know if its possible for us to coexist in a loving relationship... so yea... oh and i got a cool book of ukulele music and also got a ukulele so i hope to be playing soon... what started this interest u ask... well besides the point that ive been wanting one for a log while... its bc of some music i heard from teh 1920's by an artist named janet klein.. (if u find any of her music please please send it my way... but yeah... shes great... -sigh- alrighty.. nite nite...
"i gave my heart away a long time ago, and i never got it back"- sweet home alabama
posted by felicia 1:59 AM
Tuesday, May 13, 2003


bored... wanna go somewhere... work too much.. classes are coming to an end.. i signed up for classes at goldenwest... im moving to irvine on the 6th... im reading on the road... its good.. so far... been talking to stan alot... its nice.. i miss him...

posted by felicia 2:41 AM
Friday, May 09, 2003


im reminded what it feels like to be loved by another human being... its one of the greatest feelings ever...
i woke up late for work... went to work... worked... went to class... copied notes... saw the new baby horses and the new baby piglets... went to meet lejone at her school to watch an ameture drag show... it was fun... i like hanging out with her... im going to sleep...

posted by felicia 1:44 AM
Thursday, May 08, 2003


on tuesday i went to a live stock auction with my swine class, we then went to a butchering place... it was bloody... i worked... ive been reading... alot actually... im gonna clean up my room... get rid of everyhting almost... if i cant find somethign to do with it then just get rid of it... ill try it on ebay, and if i dont get anything there then i will just donate it or something... i have alot of clothes i dont wear... and stuff id ont need... im gonna try to get another job... a book store perferably... ok im gonna go to bed... nite nite...

posted by felicia 12:50 AM
Sunday, May 04, 2003


alright just a pre warning... this is gonna be rushed gonna be just thrown out there and to others it may not make too much sence but this is more for me so i can remember not that i think i will forget...
alright... -deep breath-

i keep talking and thinking about how i want to just go... just leave and go.. where? anywhere... so i came upon the conculsion that its dangerous for me to drive and be thinking... my friend lejone says that ive always been free spirited and that that is the cause for this.. well who knows it sounds good though right? so i keep thinking about how i want to just get in my car adn go but like my car is kinda borderlineing the pos stage so i cant my car wont make it... so now im saving up for a car one that will make it all over the us and maybe even beyond that... i wanna finish school.. ive been putting it off for too long as it is.. so no one can call me up freaking out about how im leaving and what not cuz this wont even be put into action for at least another year and a half... but i can guarentee that unless there are some major drastic changes that i undergo this will happen... i keep thinking ok so when i leave what about my bills? before i go i will basically clear all debts (not that they really are like debts just like credit cards stuff no biggie really... as far as other bills well... theres my cell phone and then my car insurance and registration whihc is really only one or twice a year so that not a big deal...a s far as cell phone goes well... just leave my mom money and thats that... now what of gas and expenses on the road and what about an income... ive thought of this... i mean i woudl want to get recertified in cpr and red cross stuff just cuz well thats good to know.. and hell i know computers and i can waitress it shouldnt be that easy to get a job that maybe pays under the table or something right? that is something that iw ould have to pay closer attention to but im sure i can figure out something... as far as communicating... hello i got my puter... and i had this great idea of keeping a log of where i am and what im doing all on a blog.. yea huh? i was thinking it would be cool to have a digital camera hooked up so i could up load pics and what not but not necessary... then o fcourse i was thinking it prolly would be safer if i wasnt alone... but who would be crazy enough to do this with me? a few people came to mind but no one would really fit and then i thought of this guy robert (no stan not that robert) who i worked with like 3 years ago at the golf thing (and again stan this is a different robert) and even though i havent hung out with him in like well 3 years.. i did see him at the library when i first moved back to california and then weve been sorta playing phone tag with eachother for about a month or so... just seeing what the other is up too... he seems liek he might be the type... or he could quite possibly think i were crazy like most others will as well... -shrug- its worth a shot... besides i dunno if i want anyone to come with... i think it would be really good for me to be out on my own and what not... i mean hell lord knows i could do some soul searching or self discovery or whatever the hell u want to call it... and the thing is like i get so fricken excited adn i just feel in the deepest bowels of myself that this is somethign tha ti will need to do ... that i fi dont do i willr egret it for all my life... i have these ideas about it too... like keeping a log if u will of hitch hikers... (only if im not by myself mind you...) of liek where there from, where there going and why... or maybe just do that with people i meet at rest stops.. that would be interesting in itself... thinking about all this stuff started me thinking about when stan and i took route 66 and we stopped off in missouri at the merimac caverns and how we said we wanted to go back and go camping and canoing... well i dunno if he and i ever will go back together but i want to go back... and i plan on it... i want to go to main and go on a lighthouse tour... i want to keep records and logs of where i went and what i saw... i want so badly to do all this... and im tellign myself i will do this within 3 years from this date... within 3 years from this date i will be going on my road trip if it has not been done already...


alrighty well nice to have gotten all that out... im sure there was more i mean my mind was runnign a mile amin while i was driving.. it hink thats the best tiem for me to think.. i shoudl strat bringing a recorder with me adn what not...
alrighty... later...

Listening to "dirty sunshine" by Lillix.

posted by felicia 12:34 AM