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Title(Korean): Hwanyeo

Also Known In English as : The Woman of Fire





Year Of Production



 10 reels

Production Company

 Ujin Films




 Kim Ki-young


 Kim Ki-young



Director Of Photography

 Jeong Il-seong

Production Design












Main Cast

 Yun Yeo-jeong, Namgung Won, Jeon


   At a chicken farm on the outskirts of Seoul, the master of the house Dong-sik and the maid Myeong-ja are found murdered.  The police assume it must be a robbery, but Myeong-ja’s friend suggests Dong-sik’s wife might be responsible.  Myeong-ja came from the countryside was employed by Dong-sik’s wife Jeong-sun to work for board and no pay in her house.  Jeong-sun ran the chicken farm to cover the family’s costs and pay for a new house, whereas Dong-sik was a composer.  When Jeong-sun took the children to visit their grandmother, she asked Myeong-ja to keep an eye on Dong-sik.  As she had suspected, Dong-sik’s student Hae-ok visited him, got him drunk and tried to seduce him.  Myeong-ja threw Hae-ok out, but Dong-sik forced himself on her.  Fearing she would be unable to marry because she had lost her virginity, Myeong-ja began to cling to Dong-sik.  Forced to have an abortion, her resentment led her to kill Jeong-sun’s baby and demand Dong-sik from Jeong-sun.  Afraid the neighbors would  fi

nd out what was going on, Jeong-sun agreed.  Myeong-ja wanted to possess Dong-sik completely but realized it was impossible, so she pressured him to commit suicide together with her.   The dying Dong-sik crawled to die by his wife’s side and told her that he was afraid people would find out the truth, and so they arranged it to look like a robbery.  

(written by Ahn Min-hwa on the basis of viewing the film.)


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