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Title(Korean): Babo Sanyang

Also Known In English as : Fool Hunting





Year Of Production



 100 min

Production Company

 Hwacheon Corporation


 Bak Jong-chan


 Kim Ki-young


 Kim Ki-young, Ha Myeong-jung



Director Of Photography

 Seo Jeong-min

Production Design



 Gang Gwang-ho


 Gim Jeong-gil


 Hyeon Dong-chun


 I Jae-ung



Main Cast

 Bae Gyu-bin, Gim Byeong-hwa, Eom Sim-jeong, Bak Am


    A doctor advocates euthanasia for incurable and dependent mental patients.  Since hit on the head in a car accident, Kim has a phobia about women, science and food.  He fears the latter is polluted and must be force-fed.  The doctor lets him share a room with Lee, who is suicidal if left alone.  Kim persuades Lee to flee with him in search of an island where they can raise rabbits and bees to make honey.  On the road they sell roast sparrows which are revealed to be baby chicks, medicine which makes people sick, and popcorn which causes a pregnant woman to miscarry because of the noise generated in making it.  They reach a mining village and lodge with a miner and his daughter.  The miner hopes one of them will marry her, but she is only interested in their money.  When the miner dies in an accident, they leave and she follows them.  On the road, the woman attempts a ransom scam with a child.  Although  it fails, she is released by the police when it is revealed that the child thought up t

he idea.  When Lee is almost injured in a scam involving being run over by a car, she manages to exploit the situation to get some compensation money, and so they reach the coast and buy a boat from an old couple they stay with.  The woman says she is pregnant and flees with Lee.  Kim gets them back and has sex with the woman, after which he discovers he no longer fears pollution and loses interest in the island.  Lee comes back to find Kim and the woman have left.  He and the old couple set out with their animals for the island.

(written by Chris Berry, based on viewing the film.)



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