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Electronic Gaming Monthly : Xbox : Deus Ex: Invisible War
Deus Ex: Invisible War (Xbox)
Deus Ex Invisible War
Also On: Xbox | PC
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Ion Storm
Genre(s): Action > First-Person, Role Playing Game > Action
ESRB Rating: Mature
Release Date: December 2003 (USA)
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Good: Much to see and do. And pick up and throw.

Bad: Long...loading...times....

For Fans of: The Shadowrun games for Super NES and Genesis


Score:8 (out of 10)

No doubt about it, the best thing about Deus Ex is its freedom of choice. This cyberpunk first-person adventure presents you with an astounding number of decisions. For instance, say the bigwigs in the WTO want you to snag something from the vault of a VIP's home. You could bribe the building's janitor to get the door code, break in, or convince the VIP at a bar that you're going to prepare drinks back at his place. To get past the security devices, you might sneak past cameras, take over the gun turret by the stairs with a special ability, or just blast everything. It's up to you.

The only problem with the game's wealth of choices is that you rarely realize all the options open to you until you've already picked one. Between that and the fact that the missions rarely branch too far, you'll find little need to discover all of Invisible War's nuances. Even so, your journey won't disappoint: This gorgeous futuristic world demands exploration, and the story is intriguing enough to compel you forward. Just be prepared for long loading times, somewhat clunky combat, a crappy mapping system, and weak finales.

If you're looking for another unconventional RPG now that you've explored every possible nook and cranny in Knights of the Old Republic, you should check out Invisible War, but it's definitely the padawan to KOTOR's Jedi master.


Score:9 (out of 10)

The developers didn't put a game on this Xbox disc—they crammed an entire world onto it. Like Morrowind, this is a huge, open-ended, do-anything-you-want adventure that sucks you in and holds you a willing prisoner until you almost forget you're playing a videogame. The story line is rich and complex in that twisty "whom can/should/will I trust?" sorta way. And no matter what you do—whether you kill characters you shouldn't be killing or tackle objectives in a counterintuitive manner—the game is always ready for it, giving you endless options to take it on however you'd like.

To test out how well-designed Invisible War is, I played the Cairo level through twice, skipping goals and doing stuff out of order the second time. You know what? It knew exactly what I was doing and guided me along as if I'd done nothing unusual. This is a truly great, immersive experience only hampered by poor enemy A.I.


Score:7 (out of 10)

As Joe stated, Invisible War is all about choices. Well, here's the big choice: Should you buy it? Weigh the positives and negatives. Here's the good: The story unravels like a thrilling mystery novel where you determine the outcome. Better yet, you won't fully realize the consequences of your actions until the ending. And with such open-ended gameplay and a stockpile of side quests, your time spent playin' Invisible War will vary greatly from your friends'. Now for the bad: The game suffers from questionable A.I., frequent and lengthy loading times, and some horribly choppy graphics. If you can look past these technical hiccups, Invisible War shouldn't disappoint.

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DETAILED INFO for Deus Ex: Invisible War
Release Date: December 2003 (USA) More Info: Official Website
Players: 1

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