News: E3 Leaflet Fake?

By Ash - Apr 14th 2004 22:21

We have exclusive scans of an E3 booklet for Nintendo!!!

First off all credit goes to J-GCNBoy who sent us this scan. Thanks to him we can show everyone this leaflet from Nintendo advertising E3 2004.

Nintendo looks like they are planning a big E3 this year, and this leaflet shows it. In the leaflet there is information about their products at the show this year. The scans can be found below but first for the highlights.

Screenshot Highlights:

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2
  • Too Human
  • Burnout 3
  • Rogue Squadron IV: New Rebellion
  • Game Zero
  • Fire Emblem

Games Included:

  • Resident Evil 4
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2
  • Star Fox 2
  • Paper Mario 2
  • Metroid Prime 2
  • Too Human
  • Pikmin 2
  • Baten Kaitos
  • The Movies
  • Donkey Konga
  • The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AD
  • Hope
  • Virtual Fighter Cyber Generation
  • Geist
  • Fire Emblem
  • Tales of Symphonia
  • Killer7
  • Burnout 3
  • Second Sight
  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron IV: New Rebellion
  • Game Zero
  • Starcraft Ghost
  • Timesplitters 3
  • Def Jam Vendetta II

It appears that Nintendo is going to announce quite a few new title for the Nintendo GameCube at the E3 this year! Fire Emblem and Star Wars Rogue Squadron IV: New Rebellion, for example. Also we will be seeing some of titles we haven't heard about for a long time. Game Zero and Too Human, for example. And what is this Hope game...?

Update: Leaflet is fake!

We have given the leaflet a closer look and it appears that it has some 'flaws'. We must apologize for building up hopes and possibly causing a lot of speculation. We will be the first to admit that we rushed into this piece because we believed it to be (even if it is fake itís still pretty big) and we should of checked into it more thoroughly. We have reason to believe that this leaflet is fake.

Tomorrow we will contact Nintendo to confirm this news. We have also tried to contact our source but he is not replying to the message. Until then we should consider this leaflet fake! Our apologies about the issue and we hope you do not look too harshly upon Cube-Europe, as we were trying to report news.


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WOW! Look at the N4 line up!!

wasn`t burnout 3 canceld for the cube? I saw that at q&a.;
--weed for life
Man just looking at these future releases for N4 is making me drool.....

btw, Is those REAL screenshots of "The Wind Waker II" and "Metroid Prime II"?
rogue squadron 4? what in the hell
--The black stuff
smells like bullshit, feel free to prove me wrong though
is this an official leaflet from nintendo/e3, or some mock-up?
--The black stuff
Whats with everyone saying "these are for the N4"?
Wow, Rogue Squadron 4...wasnt expecting that

So much for Lucasarts pulling the plug on the cube when all they did was had no games revealed

People jump to conclusions to easily

Lookin forward to a fair few of those games
Bah, why do you guys think everything is fake when something is revealed...how someone could fake those screens such as WW2 is beyond me as that clearly is not a place in WW
all apologies for being cynical. my naivity was surgically removed 10 years ago. from here on in, i will believe everything i read.

E3 is going to rule. Go rogue squadron
--The black stuff
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AD =The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords 2??

Also that contains the first image fo the next Zelda...that's sorta big when thinking about how hyped those use to be...

And that Metroid 2 image looks amazing! :D
I'd like to see the GBA list aswell actually... :(
All of these titles are going to be good...to me anyway. But I want some more info about that game Hope. I "Hope" Its good.
--Charlie Brown
"The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AD =The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords 2??"
don't tell u didn't know the four swords game is going to be called four swords adventures
Since the whole silicone knights situation, i'm surprised that Too Human is still on (and before some fan-boy flames me sayign that they still will work for Nintendo) i'm just surprised that Too human is still around, that's all
Cyber Generation is looking GREAT!!!!
One more month until E3.
Shadow_Link: Of course I did, but I've never seen it abbreviated like that, and where's the dot?
This is awesome, so many of those games I want bad... Hope??
... hmmm, strange, It seems legit and still, burnout 3 (not for cube i thought), another star wars game ? (put on hold for now by Lucasarts i thought), the rest seems legit (although :( no mario 128)
Lucasarts never pulled support for the cube

Someone saw no cube games on their release schedule and paniced
what are "hope", "second sight" and "geist". ive never heard of these games.
--The black stuff
My god!!! Rogue Squadron 4 was by far the biggest surpise:D Look at all those superb games!!! If the upcoming year won`t be Nintendos year, when will IT be??
Is that all the GC games?

And do my eyes decieve me....Too Human???!!!
"Lucasarts never pulled support for the cube

Someone saw no cube games on their release schedule and paniced"

I Told you. I cant wait!!!! I love Rogue squadron even if part 3 should have had better 1 player. New Rebellion ?

GAME Zero. Futuristic . ABout time :D

Burnout 3: I told you guys!

Metroid Prime 2 : AMazing! I am postive this is going to be amazing.

Zelda TWW2!!!!

Its fake :(

If those pictures are fake, their VERY well done! The Picture of Metroid: Prime2 looks amazing.
And why is it fake? It doesn't look fake 2 me!
I believe it's fake until I see an official announcement.

Too Human on GameCube. Pffft. If it gets released on a Nintendo console it'll be on N5. Or at least it is commonly thought so. Also the screenshot is propably taken from some old CGI pictures.

Another point. Why does Star Fox 2 screenshot look still so old. The graphics of that game were almost laughed at at the previous E3. I think that Namco and Nintendo must have improved the game's graphics.

Four Swords AD? It's Four Swords Adventure. And doesn't it get released in the USA before the E3? I know Nintendo shows some already released games on it's show but with a name change?!?

Rogue Squadron IV? Lucasarts: "We currently don't have any GameCube games in development"

Game Zero looks Killer7-ish. Is it just coincidence or is the screenshot actually from Killer7?

Burnout 3? I just read somewhere that this game will not appear on the Cube.

Wind Waker 2? The screenshot doesn't look too complex. Could be fake.

Hope look like it's a PSone Final Fantasy.

And why doesn't the pamphlet include any information from newly announced Legend of Golfer. I'll tell you why: Because the forger didn't know anything about the game when it created this "pamphlet".

And why doesn't that pamphlet have a front page or back-page? Usually that kind of pamphlet would have a front page with headlines and all.

Yeah, It'd be one heck of a line-up if it was true but it isn't. Please, prove me wrong.
>what are "hope", "second sight" and "geist". ive never heard of these games.

No idea about hope, maybe a new game altogether. Second sight was announced a couple of weeks ago, from Free Radical, the former Rare team. Geist is a title n-space are doing with N, was actually shown at last years E3. Not seen that much since.

Anyone notice how the MP2 pic is quite different to the new pics posted? Fakes I would guess.

Looks a nice brochure, is it legit? Nice to see something of Game Zero at last! No Mario 128 though :(
It's not fake I think look at the bottom left corner the is a finger. It looks real!
i still dont like the idea of TWW2, zleda games dont have sequals (in the sense of [insert zelda title]2), they are part of a series each a game unto itself. i dont mind them being similar, like oot and mm, but not this TWW2. i dont want another story in the future where link is a hero in a legend and you just happen to be dressed up like him, i want to be him again.
I would have thought nintendo would have given LoZ:WW2 and Metroid Prime 2 better names than just sticking a number on the end.
Wind Waker 2 is just the code name, it'll be different when its out
hope I don't know, second sight is another game by free radical design (timesplitters 2/3) and geist has already been announced at E3 last year. There are a lot of great games on there (burnout 3, re4, ts3, second sight, geist, too human, def jam vendetta 2, wind waker 2, god knows what more) let's hope it's the real E3 folder...
Hope is by developer N-Space, as is Geist. As for Too human, some of us Gamecube reporters think the whole "we're leaving" bit is a 'sanity effect' to give us a scare, and that ED2 will be announced at E3 as well. As for the screens, looking good :)
Hope is by developer N-Space, as is Geist. As for Too human, some of us Gamecube reporters think the whole "we're leaving" bit is a 'sanity effect' to give us a scare, and that ED2 will be announced at E3 as well. As for the screens, looking good :)
Sorry about the Four Swords AD thing. It's propably just an abbreviation. I didn't notice that when I wrote about it, sorry. I'm not a native speaker of English and I didn't see my mistake in time.
Its been confirmed as fake! :( :( :(
I sthis FAKE or NOT. gaaaaaaaaahh
Lokked is right according to Matt@IGN.
No Animal Crossing 2? :'( I've been looking forward to that game so much. :/

That game "Hope" looks interesting, must be some of the new titles Nintendo have up their sleeves. :)
--Sagara Sanosuke
wait, we're going to believe Matt@IGN? That's scraping the bottom of the barrel
Its fake. Also Nintendo havent printed any e3 material yet.
Lokked, unless you work for Nintendo, how would you know? Also, I still think this is an accurate list. I think the whole SK thing is a marketing ploy at the moment (if not, that's fine to), and I think these titles are going to be at E3 for Cube. Wether the pamphlet is correct and the actual one is unknown, it might be an early draft, if not, it's a damn, damn good fake.
I dont know what Matt from IGN is saying what where. But we didnt base our conclusion on his thoughts.
damn slow connection
The more I think of it, the more fake it gets.

The finger looks irrelevant. I think it is there to "convince" leaflets genuineness.

Sorry Cube-Europe guys, but when have you actually had exclusive news like this? Usually it is IGN or some else site revealing this kind of news.

As someone already pointed out, The Wind Waker 2 won't likely to be called 'Wind Waker 2'. In a E3 pamphlet, the game's name should be correct.

And propably the most important proof of them all. The folds between the pages are grey. Why would they be grey in a purple pamphlet? Folds actually have the same colour as the background has.

Now I just know that this leaflet is SO fake.
Too bad about the brochure being fake - it looks very well made nonetheless. Unless it isn't fake, and Matt (and others) have it all wrong. Either way Nintendo's had their publicity upped considerably because of it.

You know, these people have to sign non-disclosure contracts when they work for the major games consoles or have them as clients saying they're not allowed to show anything off. Still not saying what my opinion on the validity of the brochure is, but wouldn't Mr. Thumb in the pictures above get his future career prospects cut EXTREMELY short because of such stunts? Just mentioning it to the press is enough to get you fired..
I thought it could possibly be a fake, but the first and only screenshot of GC Fire Emblem made me think otherwise.

And anyway, I remember last year everyone thought the E3 pamphlet was a hoax, when in fact every game on the list was there. It does seem to be a yearly marketing thing.

Silicon Knights are not pulling out of Gamecube development like Rare did. It's no surprise to see Too Human on the 'cube then.
Some other news from IGN - "In a conversation with IGNcube today, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht said the company would not develop any more titles for Nintendo's GameCube console. The studio is currently creating software for other platforms."
Good Cube-Europe! Now you updated the news with the information about pamphlet being fake.

I don't blame you guys, but I do think that you must think before act. Yeah, it would be nice to be the first to announce news like this. But you must do a little research on your own before you publish suspicious news like this.

Here's a lesson for you, guys.. No hard feelings :)
"Unless it isn't fake, and Matt (and others) have it all wrong."

No, it's fake, several people on other forums have already determined some of the shots are from different games entirely.

It's a nice fake, but it's fake.
who really cared about that anyway, way too early...
"Sorry Cube-Europe guys, but when have you actually had exclusive news like this? Usually it is IGN or some else site revealing this kind of news."

Remember the Jan. before the GameCube was launched? The GameCube web conference by David Gosen? Which European GameCube website got that around a week earlier than they should have? Cube-Europe....
Hmm, I hardly ever buy into rumors and fake things, but I have to say, this looks pretty real o_O Call me stupid or whatever, but despite what people are saying about this being a fake, I say it's real.

I mean, those screenshots mostly look like images that are not available on the web, so it'd be near impossible to make up nearly all of them. Like Fire Emblem for instance.

So here's the deal. If I'm right, ya'all are gonna be like 'Glace, u da man!!' Else you can say whatever..like... 'Glace u suck man'. Aight? Aight, deal. Hehe, I can just feel that all you people who are reading this are thinking 'what a moron'. So, don't back out now, I better hear some praising if I'm right :P
"Remember the Jan. before the GameCube was launched? The GameCube web conference by David Gosen? Which European GameCube website got that around a week earlier than they should have? Cube-Europe...."

I wasn't following Cube news back then so I don't know about that. So Cube-Europe can have real big news before the others. Good, but the site has reported many rumours as true, also. I don't mind, really. It's just that it'd be nice to do a little underground job to see whether a piece of news is true or not before publishing it as true.

Well, these fake scans are quite funny actually. They offer an opportunity to play detective :D
Haha, the factor 5 news...well you can all call me an idiot now :D I'm looking forward to it. But hey, at least I have my own opinion :)
For those who think that there aren't Fire Emblem screenshots available, copy-paste the following:

http://media.cube.ign.com/media/00 1/001982/imgs_1.html
i think its real, the only thing im dissapointed bout is no mario 128 :(, ive been w8in 4 that game since i first bought the cube, well shigeru sed that he wants it to keep it secrt but i cant w8 no longer :)
Please take this off. This has done alot of damage to Nintendo fans. C-E also have now peemanently damaged their reputation.

Keeping this up is just for getting attention and hits like Spong and CVG do.
Sorry, the link doesn't work. There shouldn't be a space... I mean it goes like ...media/001/0019...

You can always use search option on the IGN site to look for Fire Emblem screens. I guarantee, they are there.

Why is is fake??? it looks damn real to me! you believe IGN?? Well i DON'T...
Of course nintendo will not confirm this to be real.. why would they?
IGN are also the ones saying factor 5 are stopping gc games development.. or am i reading wrong?

I'm %90 confident that it's REAL :)
Anyway.... the interview said they will not be developing and MORE games for GC, could that mean just no more than what they are already doing i.e New Rebellion.. Just a thought guys

Hello there comments people. You are all very stupid, please refrain from contributing to the internet any longer, thank you.
It might be fake, but it is a very convincing one, you must admit. The Metroid and Zelda screens for example, could be considered to be very accurate to the game styles.

The leaflet might be fake, but who's to say all the screens are? Never heard of "Hope" though, so you're probably right.
That better not be an official screen of the next Zelda. Was hoping for a Grown up Link prehaps? Same link but few years on??? TOO MUCH TO ASKQ?!?!!?!?!?! Meh...

Oh well a new Zelda is still good. Metroid looks Great. To be fair though even if this leaflet IS fake the screens cant be, otherwise their every VERY cleverly done.
I can give a couple of reasons why this is fake.

Number one: It has a bar code. Almost always, things that have bar codes cost money. That is the bar code's main purpose. (That and for ID purposes BECAUSE it costs money). Why would a tiny pamphlet like this cost money or need to be rung up at a register? I've gotten an 80 page Winter catalogue at a store showcasing new games from Nintendo and it was free and had no bar code.

Number two: Nowhere are the names "Nintendo" or "Gamecube" printed in big letters without being covered up by anything. They will almost always do this to because they want their company name known as the company responsible for these fantastic "games".
"Keeping this up is just for getting attention and hits like Spong and CVG do."

Like we posted in the article we didnt do it for the attention. We did it for the news as real reporters would do. Mistakes can be made. Trust me, we dont want to be like Spong ;)

Look at the recent release of Metroid Prime 2 screen shots...now look at the screen shots on the leaflet...mmm.

Ok if you haven't spotted it yet, the leaflet is using the Visor display from Metroid Prime and not the Visor display from Metrois Prime 2.

Mario 128, because no one knows anyhing about this game in any way. This isn't featured on the leaflet, because creating a mock would potentially ruin nintendo with critisim, and that's enough to put people off straight away, even if not true. Plus it's very hard to make a mock up of a game that no one knows about the graphical style or even the genre!

Wouldn't a leaflet have a little bit more than screenshots! Like maybe times of presentations of the new software, a floor map, and i doubt nintendo would make people collect 2-4 different leaflets for gamecube, DS, GBA. And even if they were to, this leaflet doesn't cover the CONFIRMED new peripherl for the gamecube.

Even if they were to make an individual leaflet for exclusive nintendo software (like the star wars game - RS IV) wouldn't THE LEGEND OF GOLFER be on it. Oh that's right, the leaflet was made before any details of Golfer was released, poor, pathetic people who are behind it.

None of the games on the leaflet give details of which company's behind it, plus the leaflet shows 3rd party software, if that's all the games for the gamecube at E3 i'd be shocked. There are about a million 3rd party games out there, and this includes mediocre ones that no one will buy - Virua Fighter Cyber Generation?

Give me one reason that makes it genuine....i can't think of one
"even if this leaflet IS fake the screens cant be, otherwise their every VERY cleverly done."

A little program called Photoshop. You don't think that all those Ads on TV/billboards/magazines etc. are real do you...awww, you did? So you thought that you could actually buy jumping phones that are alive from the carphone warehouse, and you thought that the goblin in the sprite ads was real?

It's an exciting day for you. The world must seem like a whole new planet now that you know.

So you are saying that all game designers have to do to create characters like the one seen in Timesplitters 3 is sit down and use a bit of Photoshop. Ohhhhhh.
So all those hours of skething, character design, modeling, artwork and rendering is just the fool's way of doing it.
Yes, Photoshop can do wonderous things, but it cannot decrease the workload by 50 times.
By the way

Anyone else notice that it says that N-Space is developing the game "Hope"?

God, getting fed up with these idiots.

Photoshop is 2D, games are 3D, so no. I work with 3D and 2D Animation. We still draw but use Photoshop to create stills, this allows image manipulation for the purpose of creating imaginary scenarios, most common use is for posters for example, or screenshots if you wanted to. But it is very easy to create stills like those shown on the "leaflet".

Games Designers will likely scan in 2D drawings into 3D software and use them as a template/reference for creating the 3D models. So drawing is still fundamental for 3 dimensional media.

So in short, game designers still draw, and this can be done on programs like photoshop.
um- no1 rele cares
It's fake ASSHOLES!!!!HAHAHA!!
is a fake...

How to make a fake...
http://www.vandal.net/foro/cgi-bin/foro .cgi?accion=leermensaje&mensaje;=125444&foro;=4
Well, just because some games aren't there, and some games might not be released after all, doesn't mean it's fake. This is Nintendo afterall, who never seems to think twice before adding tons of games under "upcoming" in pamphlets and other commercial printing.

This lot seems quite obviously fake though, but I'm not fully convinced.
I look forward to Papermario2,Metroid Prime2 and Fourswords adventures.
E3 will rocks.
Wow, nice to see cube-europe are as reliable as ever in gaming journalism. Hurrah!
(this is fake)
Too human goes to gamecube??????

To the guy talking about barcodes.. I too agree that this is fake, but the fact that this has a barcode does not prove anything.

A barcode is only a method representing a number. I work for a company that sells EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems. Yes barcodes can be used for costing in shops etc. but as they are simply a number at the end of the day they can be used to for company ID badges, Stock numbering, Document Management Systems, Tape backup systems. So you are incorrect as to what your belief of a barcode represents.
Its fake, theres a spanish guy here talking about how him and his mate did it:

http://www.vandal.net/foro/cgi-bin/foro.c gi?accion=leermensaje&mensaje;=125444&foro;=4

Y oull have to translate from Spanish using Google or sumthing
--donkeykong 007

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