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6th May 2004
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Character: Libby Kennedy
Strong minded
The looks of her mother, the stubbornness of her father - quite a formiddable combination, and one that makes Libby Kennedy quite unstoppable. She's a hard working, honest and successful journalist (yes, there is such a thing).
She's now a wife, mother, and one day hopefully fully fledged teacher. She's already shown herself to be an excellent teacher and mentor to Connor O'Neill and Boyd Hoyland.
Her love life
I wasn't living in Ramsay Street through much of Libby's teenage years but I heard she did have a bit of a wild streak. A long and rocky romance with Darren Stark who was quite a shady character, and then she started seeing her married university lecturer - poor girl was taken in by life in academia's fast line. A terrible affair (quite literally).
Libby's luck with men changed when she met Drew Kirk (until he was tragically killed of course, that's not too lucky). She's making the best of things now though, looking after young Ben with the support of her friends and family.
Her outlook
She's not been without her fair share of heartbreak in life, and made some odd descisions. Going with Taj (one of her pupils) being one of them.
But there's no keeping that irrepressible sense of humour down. She loves a good laugh - many a time have I seen her and her pals roaring with laughter, well that's always the way when I'm around at least.
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