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The reactivity series of metals

The following metals are listed in order of reactivity from most reactive to least reactive:

1. Potassium
2. Sodium
3. Calcium
4. Magnesium
5. Aluminium
6. Zinc
7. Iron
8. Lead
9. Copper
10. Mercury
11. Silver
12. Platinum
13. Gold

This list was drawn up by looking at the way the different metals react with oxygen, water and acids:

The first six metals burn to form the metal oxide when they are heated in the presence of oxygen. Metals 7-9 react slowly and the bottom four metals react very slowy or not at all.
The first three metals react with cold water, the next three react with steam, iron reacts reversibly with steam and the bottom six metals do not react with water or steam.
The first three metals react violently with dilute acids, the next four react more and more slowly. Metals 8 - 11 react only with some concentrated acids and platinum and gold do not react at all with any acid.

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