Lake Superior, Summer 2003


Yep, I been a divin' again! I spent two days diving on Lake Superior, the largest of the great lakes. We dove two ship wrecks and saw many interesting things, like these giant boulders!










Below is a picture of one of the wrecks I got to see up close under water, I took this picture from a cliff near the wreck. You can see the outline of the ship and the marker bouys. The story of this ship says that one of the sailors climbed a mast as the ship was going down in a storm and got to the top of the cliff where the blue arrow is, then he tossed down a rope to save 5 more sailors.

That's me below putting on my dry suit for the dive. In a dry suit you can dress as warm as you want underneath since everything stays dry, so I put on extra insulation.

The water was litterally ice cold (yep, 38 degrees!)

I took all of these underwater shots with a cheap $8 Walmart disposable camera!

Below is what the boat we dove from looks like from the water.