As you can tell from these pictures, Ive been having a little fun lately. Im now oficially an Advanced Open Water PADI Certified Diver. I dove at a lake in Crosby Minesota recenlty that used to be an open pit mine. It was full of trees before it filled with water and so there were a lot of trees still down deep along the bottom. Swimming through them was almost like flying, and was a lot of fun!


The picture at left here is an attempted self portriate. I was actually swimming face up to take the picture.      
This is a picture II took of my buddy during an extra dive we did after our advanced dives were done for the day.      

I saw a lot of fish, including a 30 Northern Pike (yes, huge!) and my dive master was my witness, in fact he says he saw two of them! I took the picture at left here of a 4 fish that had a funny expression (no doubt hed been caught and thrown back at least once).      
This is the boat we were diving from all weekend. On one dive the anchor got stuck and I still had my scuba tank on so I got volunteered to retrieve the anchor, that was a scary experience. The anchor turned out to be deeper than we thought and it was tangled in a mess of those underwater trees so I had to swim into the tangled mess of branches to get it out. It was cold, dim and scary down there, I loved it!