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Articles/Book Reviews

Review of Michael Schmicker's Best Evidence: An Investigative Reporter's Three-Year Quest to Uncover the Best Scientific Evidence for ESP, Psychokinesis, Mental Healing

John Alexander, Ph.D., National Institute for Discovery Science

Review of Jeffrey Mishlove's The PK Man

John Alexander, Ph.D., National Institute for Discovery Science

Decreased Latent Inhibition with Increased Creative Achievement in High-Functioning Individuals (1 MB)

Shelley Carson, Daniel M. Higgins, Jordan B. Peterson, reprinted from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

The Ominous Numinous: Sensed Presence and 'Other' Hallucinations (99k)

Dr. J. A. Cheyne, University of Waterloo, 2001

Reprinted with permission.

Review of George P. Hansenís The Trickster and The Paranormal (25k)

Dr. Michael Grosso

Published with permission of the Journal of Parapsychology

Inspiration, Mediumship, Surrealism: The Concept of Creative Dissociation

Dr. Michael Grosso

Retrotransposons as Engines of Human Bodily Transformation

Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., National Institute for Discovery Science

The Capricious, Evasive, Unsustainable Nature of Psi: A Summary and Hypotheses (177k)

J.E. Kennedy, Journal of Parapsychology, Spring 2003

Computing Anticipatory Systems Conference ‘99 Liege, Belgium: Synopsis and Comments

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.

Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.

Time-Reversed Human Experience: Experimental Evidence and Implications

Dean Radin, Ph.D., The Boundary Institute

Near-Death and UFO Encounters As Shamanic Initiations: Some Conceptual and Evolutionary Implications

Kenneth Ring, Ph.D.

Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena
Presentation slides

Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. & Eric Davis, Ph.D., National Institute for Discovery Science

Loss of Consciousness and Near-Death Experiences

Dr. James E. Whinnery

Selected NIDS Consciousness Seminar Papers (Mt. Charleston, NV, 1997)

Survival of Consciousness ó Aiming at Measurements

Dr. James E. Whinnery

Spiritual Visions and Nonlocal Reality

Dr. Melvin Morse

Revising the Survival Research Paradigm

Dr. Michael Grosso

News Items

Inside the CIA's psychic program

June 3, 2000