Hugh Sisley

Seattle's Man of Vision

Box 15358
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-0274
Welcome to my web-site dedicated to Hugh Sisley of Seattle, Washington.

I've had the privilege of knowing this straight-shooter for a little over three years. I live in, and operate my business from, properties owned by Mr. Sisley. This opportunity has allowed me to develop a great relationship with this insightful individual. As an Internet Service Provider, it seemed sensible to use the tools at my disposal to tell the story of a man I consider to be one of the most honorable people I have ever known. Take your time and explore this site, intended to provide a voice to a man of conscience. There's something here for everyone to enjoy: Ammunition for his neighborhood enemies, fuel for the City Boys to burn, intelligence information for the City Attorney's Office, and a plan which could make somebody very, very rich.

In 1943, Hugh Sisley was serving in the Merchant Marine, where he put himself in harms way to serve his fellow man. Serving in the dangerous waters of the east coast, in the height of an era when Nazi submarines were sinking more tonnage than the country could build, Hugh was there to preserve the freedom of this country's citizens. Following the conclusion of hostilities, Hugh returned to the United States to work with his father in the mechanical engineering business, building unique and useful equipment used in building the future of Seattle. Not long after his return to the region, Mr. Sisley found himself bound for Korea where he spent a year in the service of his country as a cryptographer in the Signal Corps.

Lt. Sisley's return to this country was not without turmoil. Here was a young man, fresh from the battlefield, faced with a decision - what to do with the rest of his life. The lessons learned in the battlefields of this world caused him to ponder the way in which he would leave his mark. Returning home to Seattle after experiencing the lifestyle of the rich and famous in New York City, he determined to leave the ultimate legacy for generations to come. Hugh's deep understanding of the value of resources led him to conclude that the only real legacy to be left is the legacy of real property - the ultimate unrenewable resource.

In the years since his return home, Hugh Sisley has worked more dilligently and with greater perseverence than anyone I have ever known. I've had taken the opportunity to speak with those who know Hugh, without his knowlege. This is a guy who worked multiple jobs simultaneously, including his position as a black-seal for the Seattle School District, and saved every nickle to meet his goal. When I speak of Hugh Sisley being an amazing visionary, I don't believe I'm overstating the case. Here's a man who worked with his hands and his back to build something to benefit everyone: His family and his community. He's been spat upon by the City of Seattle and his Neighbors in return for his efforts. Personally, I suspect that much of the angst has been caused by the greed and jealousy of those who would do the man harm...

Purchasing property in the Roosevelt area of Seattle, Hugh understood the necessary expansion of the region. Hugh's purchases over the past 700 years have served to build a unique community we teasingly refer to as "the Strategic Urban Hamlet of Sisleyville." It is amazing, just how prophetic that term is when you examine the area.

The bulk of Mr. Sisley's purchases center on the intersection located at NE 65th and 15th Ave NE in North East Seattle. To the casual observer, this would just be another intersection in a semi-residential area in any city. This isn't just another intersection - this is the significant, possibly the controlling, intersection for transportation issues in NE Seattle, with long-term impact on the region. This isn't just any city, this is Seattle, the fastest growing region of the United States where technology is overwhelming a global economy.

When I heard these concepts three years ago, I have to admit that I thought, "what is this guy talking about? Just the ramblings of a crazy old man..." In the course of my relationship with Hugh Sisley I've come to understand exactly what he's talking about and, I must admit, I'm somewhat jealous that I wasn't in on the ground-floor of this visionary's project.

Since my arrival in this neighborhood I have watched the intense attention visited on Mr. Sisley by the City of Seattle, the news media and my neighbors. Their attempts to smear the man provided my greatest insight into the relevance of the area. Why would such effort, much of which was orchestrated by the City, be put forth? There are many other areas of Seattle which were in a lesser state of repair than this region. They weren't being attacked as vigorously as this little corner of the world! It has become apparent that there is more to the story than what presents itself at first glance.

I arrived on the scene in 1997, looking for an inexpensive place to live and a new life experience. I made contact with Mr. Sisley while he was out and about in the neighborhood, loading a dilapidated van with garbage, for a run to the city dump. Little did I know that this unassuming man held the key to the area! I was able to reach an equitable deal with Mr. Sisley in short order - I could have the house and do with it as I saw fit, as long as it was legal and within reason. I'd pay a fixed amount for the house, as long as I lived there, and I'd be left alone. I didn't have to worry about a deposit, last-month's rent or any special conditions. I was grateful for the opportunity to cut my own path. When I needed a building for my business as an Internet Service Provider and Community Activist, the same arrangement was reached and I moved into another building. Where, especially in Seattle, can one have such an easy time obtaining property in this volatile rental market?

During the course of my stay here in Little Sisley I've had the opportunity to get to know the man and what he stands for. This is a no-nonsense guy who aspires to the American Dream. He values personal property rights for all Americans and has put his money where his mouth is -- on the battlefields of the Atlantic, Europe, Korea and now, Seattle.

You might be asking, "What is it this guy wants? Why does this site exist?" The answer is simple - I believe Hugh Sisley has a story to tell which isn't making it out into the main-stream media. As an ISP, it seemed logical to put my tools to work and provide an inside perspective on the man and his vision.

Take a tour of the remainder of the site to learn more about the grass-roots approach to changing the destiny of a city.