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In the beginning there was one... No... that doesn't sound right... maybe there were two? No... that doesn't sound right either. So... in the beginning there were some ticked off and confused people who didn't know what to do. They banded together to figure it out and out popped Lunar-Penguin which became a project with lunar linux as it's product. The Lunar Penguin project sort of faded away and Lunar Linux really became the central core. All the while this small band of developers was working together in a loosely structured organization with adult leadership provided by a small group of dedicated volunteers. This group did not come together all at once, and some of the group's members have fallen away as time has passed but from day one there has been at least one person who accepted over-all responsibility for the success or failure of the project. That person was me.

The events I mention in the previous paragraph all happened over two years ago now. Lunar has been through lots of development since then and had lots of ups and downs. I have changed employment while all of this has happened and though my employer had no problem with the project I have gotten more and more involved in things which are wrapped around what my employer does and the time I could spend working on Lunar has shrunk to nearly zero. Now that would be bad for a developer but it's even worse for someone who is supposed to be the leader of an active open source project. It's made it impossible for me to do some of the things that I know Lunar needs and after thinking about this for a long while I have decided to hand over the reins of leadership to Auke Kok (aka sofar). For at least the last 6 months and probably longer sofar has been the defacto leader of the project as I have had my eyes, time and effort cast in other places. So this afternoon a few of the dev's got together and discussed it and I told them that I felt sofar should be the next leader of the project. They agreed so it is so.

So... what does this mean to Lunar users and developers? Nothing... as I said sofar has been handling the leadership responsibilities anyway as I have been focused on other things so it will not really change anything. It merely makes reality line up with the current situation.

Someone asked me if this meant I would stop hosting the core site. The answer to that question is *NO*. Just like I have handled XFce for years I will handle Lunar's needs as well. If the time comes when we need to make a change in that regard I will do my best to let sofar know far enough in advance that other arrangements may be made.

Sofar has asked me to stop in and say hello from time to time. That's not the way he put it (he usually tries to get me to laugh and this request succeeded) but it's what he wants and I have agreed that I will stop by and say hello when I can so you can count on seeing me hanging about from time to time.

I actually feel very good about Lunar's future. This is the second project I have helped build and lead for a time and both of them have been successful (the other was the Linux Professional Institute, so that's a good track record. I wish all of you well and will talk to you next time I see you in IRC, on the mailing lists or in person.

Until then... I am csm. Smiling

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Keeping around

Hello, Chuck!
In a world of getting together, and although we haven't personally met, I still think I'll miss you some way, even if you say you will come by (please do!). It is always fun to see you! Big hug, pal ! (we won't do the repulsive Spanish cheek double kissing, ok?...)

On sofar's side, I couldn't agree more with you, he is the right one to get the job done (tm) [ K, Tau, I said what he wanted to hear, can I finally get my cookie now? ]

CU! Smiling
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what ??? no sig ???

OMG they stole your sig!!!
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the sig...

....and where, pray tell, is your glorious new sig oh magnanimous one?

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