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Skip the Demon to Return to 'Angel'

HOLLYWOOD ( - - In "That Vision Thing," the Oct. 1 episode of The WB's "Angel," to save his friend, Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), do-gooder vampire Angel (David Boreanaz) was forced to free a man imprisoned in a cube of fire in a demon dimension.

To do this, though, he had to fight the jailer -- a horned demon named Skip, played by actor David Denman ("The Replacements" ). Friendly and personable ("I'm Skip," he said, offering his hand to Angel), Skip didn't want to fight, but he had to do his job (which, he said, is about a 20-minute commute from where he lives). In the end, Angel completed his task, but made sure that Skip was alive when he left.

Despite the brevity of Skip's appearance, he made a strong impression on fans.

"People are insane for Skip," says "Angel" executive producer David Greenwalt. "Not since Angel appeared on 'Buffy' have I seen people go wild for a character like this. We're bringing him back for bigger purposes in Episode 11."

"I've never seen that kind of attention on a character. He really embodies the show. Also, we have a new guy doing the special makeup, so he's a really cool demon, which maybe we didn't always achieve before."

With Angel's vampire sire, and former paramour, Darla (Julie Benz), hugely (and inexplicably) pregnant, apparently with Angel's child, Greenwalt may have another use for Skip. "Ultimately, I hope he could become the baby's nanny," he says, not quite seriously.

In the meantime, Greenwalt continues his efforts to fulfill a long-held wish and have Adrian Pasdar, who starred as ruthless corporate shark Jim Profit on Greenwalt's short-lived 1996 series "Profit," reprise his character on "Angel."

Chief among Angel's enemies as he fights evil and helps the helpless in Los Angeles is the supernaturally evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart. According to Greenwalt, that firm is based in large part on Profit's unscrupulous employer.

"Wolfram & Hart is so much Gracen & Gracen from 'Profit,' I can't believe it," says Greenwalt. "It's exactly that. I've got all those people playing it like that."

As to the likelihood of Pasdar, currently the star of Pax's "Mysterious Ways," bringing Jim Profit back to life, Greenwalt has been in contact with "Mysterious Ways" producer Peter O'Fallon, and says, "I've been thinking about it for a long time. It's always an issue of money and plot. But I'd love to see it happen."

He'd also like to bring his stars, current and former, together. "There's a Boreanaz-ness in Adrian," he says. "They're both from Philly. They have some mutual friends. I've been trying to get them together. I have a feeling they would like each other in life."

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