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- Note: all tapes 5 usd / eur

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A FOREST(ita): Fury of the Elements 
(Extreme primitive black metal, features member of Skoll)

AD INFEROS(nor): Bloodlust
(Skilled norweigian black metal with killer productions & professional coloured covers. Released by Daimonium)

ANAL  BLASPHEMY(fin): Cum & Crucifixion
(Sick and disgusting pervert black metal. 10 tracks filled with blood and cum. Pro.covers)

APEIRON(aut): Stardust 
(The absolutely wondrous cosmic light/ambient project of Golden Dawn's Dreamlord. Killer! Released by Chanteloup Creations)

ARCA FUNEBRIS(pol): Hell on Earth 
(Extremely dark suicidal industrial! Unhumane sounds for unhumare souls, 6 pieces of pure hate! Belongs to my favorite items on stock! "Arca Funebris does not take any responsibility for your actions made under the influence of this recording! LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!" Killer!)

(Great and extreme well played NS black metal. Released by White Records, professional covers with lyrics. Features members of Nokturnal Mortum.)

ARYOS(Fra): le Paroxysme
(Avantgarde black metal from France, released by Chanteloup Creations)

(Fucking great raw black metal, a must! Professional colored covers, released by Southern Productions)

ASMODEE(fra): Acquilanx 
(Sick and fast black/death metal with dirty sounds and good playing skills, released by Drakkar Prod.)

ASTROFAES(ukr): Ancestors' Shadows
(Excelent heathen metal, features member of Nokturnal Mortum. Coloured covers, lyrics)

AZAGHAL(fin): Mustamaa
(tape version of Azaghal's debut album, Released by Dragonthrone Prod. / At War Records)

AZAXUL(ger): The Arrival Of The Demonlord
(Kult black metal from Moonlbood member! Released by Chanteloup Creations)

AZRAEL(usa): Unto Death
(extreme and raw ns influenced black metal from USA. "Azrael supports only total cult black metal, and the extionction of all weak subhuman lifeforms.")

BATTLE(fin): War Messiah
(Powerful death/black metal, featuring Shatraug of Horna. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

BLACK WAR(bra): As the Darkness Prevails
(Extreme and raw, yet athmospheric black metal from this cult brazilian horde! Highly recomended!)

(Killer NS black metal! Limited to 250, released by Mass Grave Records. Pro.covers)

CAPRICORNUS(pol): Kein Blut Soll Verunreining Werden
(Elite NS Black metal by Capricornus (Graveland, Thor's Hammer). Features lyrics by JFN of Absurd.)

CELESTIA(fra): A Dying Out Ecstasy
(primitive and aggressive yet catchy black metal. Released by Drakkar Productions)

CELTIC DANCE(por): Ancient Battlecry
(War/pagan Metal. This is a cass.album and comes with colored covers, released by Satanachia Prod.)

CENTURION CENTAURI(fra): Centurion Centauri is dead!
(Primal, violent black metal in the vein of the early 90s norse bm! 6 tracks on this cass.EP released by Chanteloup Creations)

COVRUS NEBLUS(elturel): Sthrad's Possession - Chapter 1
(This is a concept demo based on Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms. 6 pieces of stellar keyboard music with varying athmospheres and enchanting moods. This is really more like journey to the fantasy world than just a demo.. The tape comes with professional covers with character informations, related pictures and descriptions of each step of Neblus' journey... A Break in Silence, sets a mission in time... Brilliant!!!)

CUBEP(ukr): Oöueb
(Cubep (Sinner in English... I think!) presents us 5 tracks of athmospheric yet raw black metal, released by Grayscale)

CULTUS(hol): De Zwarden Spreken
(9 tracks of raw heathen / ns black metal. Released by Heidenshart)

D.YING D.ONG D.OOM(ita): Transistor
(90 minutes of very disturbed industrial / ambient)

(Darkest Hate performs unholy fast black metal, while Black Winter Night is more primitive, yet both are equally excelent. Pro.covers, limited to 333. Released by Christcrusher)

DESCENDING DARKNESS(aut): Gevatter Hein 
(8 tracks of great grim and blasphemous black metal from Austria, recomended)

DEMONLORD(spa): Unsacred Soul
(Fast yet melodic black metal, features At The Gates cover. Colored covers)

DEMON REALM(dk): Upon the Altar of Darkness
(Extreme black metal, easily the best black metal band from Danmark! This is a re-release of their now sold out second demo with 9(!) bonus tracks. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

DER STÜRMER(gre): Europa Eerwache!
(Raw and uncompromising NS black metal from Hellas, features 4 tracks and pro. b/w covers. Released by Daimonion Prod.)

DRACONIS SANGUIS(ger): Gloria Draconia
(Epic German Black Metal with varying tempos and vocals, the lyrics are one long fantasy story. 8 chapters & 45 minutes of very enjoyable stuff indeed. Colored Pro Covers, released by Elven Witchcraft)

DRUDENTUS(gre): In Frigidis Silvis
(Cold and melancholic Hellenic black metal art, featuring two long and tormenting tracks, released by Daimonion Prod, comes with colored covers)

DUB BUK(ukr): Micrub Nomcth
(Heathen metal from Ukraina, featuring Nokturnal Mortum members! And indeed, this does heavily remind me of Nokturnal Mortum in places! Professional covers)

DUNKEL(Den): Evighed
(Arising from the northern forests of the kingdom of the Danes... Dunkel shall enchant and darken your soul forever with half and hour of both Heathenish metal and ambient sagas inspired by his old and precious historical culture. Recomended!)

ELJUNDIR(ger): Terugkeer van het Zonnenwiel
(Heathen/NS Black metal, 7 tracks. Features Lugubrum member.)

ENID(ger): Nachtgedanken
(Excelent fantasy metal in the vein of Summoning, 45minutes long, professional and great looking colored covers! This album has also been released in CD format by CCP Records. This tape is released by Elven Witchcraft)

(Great misanthropic black metal, released by Christcrusher. pro.covers)

FOG(ita) / HELLKULT(Fin): Supreme War!
(Fog's "Endless War" demo and Hellkult's "Hail War!" re-released on a split tape. Fog performs extreme primitive black, features a Carpathian Forest cover!. Hellkult's "Hail War" has been long sold out, but is now re-released on this split tape because of high demand. Limited to 200 copies)

FOREVER WINTER(fin): Let Your Arrows Fly
(Original and catchy pagan metal. Coloured Covers, released by Satanachia Hades Prod.)

FOREVER WINTER(fin): Towards the Gates of Hell
(Nihilistic pagan/war metal, includes lyrics)

FORN DRAUGOST(Fra): Agarwaen
(Thundering War Music filled with Pagan anthems and furious Honour, Nature voices of grim and freezing frosty woods. A J.R.R. Tolkien tribute)

FORN DRAUGOST(fra) / GONFANON(fra): split tape 
(These two well known athmospheric bands paying tribute to Tolkien on this split tape released by Chanteloup Creations)

FORGOTTEN PATHWAYS(ger): Shrouded in Mystery 
(Mature ambient / fantasy / folk music with very dark athmosphere, check it out!)

(The somber ruler loathed the new dawning of man for He knew it would only be of savage greed, war of blasphemy, murder, bloodshed, chaos, and...perpetual doom.. In other words: Excelent grim and brutal black metal!!!)

GNOME / NYARALATHOTEP(jap): split tape 
(Split tape of two Japanese black metal hordes, pro covers!)

GONFANON(fra): Medieval Hymns 
(The title pretty much tells it all, folk/celtic athmospheric music, similar to Perunwit / Lord Wind etc. Recomended!)

GRAND BEAST SODOMY(fin): Demo(ns) from Hell
(Satanic Cuntsodomy, Vomits of Semen! Extreme finnish black metal)

GRAUMSAMKEIT(ger): Bischmisheim Pagan Madness
(Extremely raw tribute to Aburd by this german NS black metal band! Statement from the demo covers: "Support german Black Metal and destroy all who oppose Count Grishnack and Absurd"!)

GRAVEN(ger): Of Misanthropic Spirit
(Great new demo from ex-Totenreich! 7 tracks of primitive and hatefilled 
misanthropic black metal)

GRIMORC(fin): Under His Great Shadow
(Great melancholic and depressive Burzum inspired black metal with Tolkien influenced lyrics. Pro. covers)

(Cold misanthropic black metal with some medieval elements (no surprise concerning this comes from Austria!). This cass.EP is released by Chanteloup Creations)

HATEFUL AGONY(ger): Alcoholocaust 
(Fucking killer thrash metal, no retro-trash! 5 Tracks full of alcohol stinking metal packed in colored pro.covers. Released by At War)

HATE FOREST(ukr): The Gates
(Cold pagan atmospheres and Burzum influenced hypnotic black metal. pro.covers)

HATE FOREST(ukr): To Those Who Came Before Us
(Features the "Blood and Fire" & "Ritual" EP's and 1 new track. pro.covers)

HATE FOREST(ukr): Scythia 
(7 tracks of raw and primitive black metal. Professional covers)

HEGEMON(fra): Still Raping After All These Years 
(The band features former Mütiilation drummer. 7 bestial hymns of unholy blackkk aggression. Incredible dark and brutal musical holocaust!)

HIN ONDE(fin): Ahti's Depths
(the second demo of Hin Onde. Featuring 6 tracks of Folklore Metal which can perhaps be compared to Isengard, Cruachan etc. This tape comes with colored covers)

HIN ONDE(fin): Songs of Battle
(Official tape version of the debut album,
Tape released by Frontier Rec. (ex- Tellurian Battleground Prod.)

HOLOKAUST 2001(ice): A Death Odyssey
(5 tracks of suicidal holocaust/black metal, project of Solstafir member.
Professional covers, including lyrics. Released by Frozen Landscape prod.)

HROSSHARSGRANI(aut): In the Mystic Forest
(Tolkien inspired pagan / athmospheric metal)

(This time inspired by viking mythology and ancient battles, more hymns to the ancient times)

HUGINN(ita): Tales (From the Ancient Times)
(Great mesmerizing athmospheric music, performed completely with guitar, cello, flute
with lots of nature sound effects. Really refreshing release for a change! Great looking thick covers, including lyrics. Released by Ars Antiqva)

HUGINN(ita): Millenium's End
(Huginn returns, this with a dose of aggressive and hateful pagan metal! This is pretty good release all in all, but I did prefer the more athmospheric side of Huginn!)

IMPERIAL MAJESTY(bul): Anger, Scorn and Hate
(Extreme yet athmospheric black metal, the demo comes with professional colored covers)

IMPURO(bra): Orgia
(Brutal brazilian black metal. Colored Cover, released by Satanachia Hades)

I SHALT BECOME(usa): Wanderings
(EXCELENT melancholic black metal art in the vein of "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" era Burzum, this is a must!!!! This band in now known as Birkeau. NOTE: Most likely a bootleg)

IPHICRATE(Fra): The Dawn Of Victory
(50 minutes long Saga, paying tribute with christian blood running on their swords to the proud, courageous, and Noble warriors of the North. Celebrating Gods of War in a merciless Raw Pagan Metal)

JUDAS ISCARIOT(usa): Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
(Official tape version of this album of Judas Iscariot, professional covers, released by Chanteloup Creations)

KADOTUS(fin): Glare of Darkness
(Cold and raw black metal, limited to 200 copies. Highly recomended!)

KHARON(nor): The Fullmoon Curse
(Black / dark metal, features members of Ragnarok. Professional covers. Released by Neodawn)

(this is the tape version of the now sold out MCD version released through Darker Than Black! A must.)

KRISTALLNACHT(Fra) / MORKE(Ger): split demo
(Elite Black Metal! Two cult bands that I think need no introduction.)

LEGION(ger): Dawn of the Cursed Seed
(Very well executed yet raw melodic black metal, featuring ex-Menhir member)

LEGION(ger): Omnious Supreme
(More of the same, another good release from this promising band!)

LEICHENHALLE(pol): Industrial Armageddon : Metal Becomes Flesh
(The title tells it all pretty much! Very powerful and hard industiral, composed, performed and spawned by DJ Hate! Limited to 100 copies. Leichenhalle Hails your death! Check this out now if you enjoy this type of music, you will not be disapointed!!!)

LORD PAYMON(bra): Infernal Destruction
(More great and raw and fast black metal from Brazil! Lord Paymon presents us 4 tracks of, as the title suggests, Infernal black metal Destruction! Professional covers with lyrics. Recomended!)

LOVE LIES BLEEDING(fra): The Lady who didn't want to be
(Symphonic black metal from France, the second demo of this promising band! Watch out for their debut CD on CCP records! Professional covers!)

MALEFICARUM(b-rus): Consecrartum Interfector
(Extreme black metal from Belarus. 6 tracks. Professional covers, including lyrics. 
Released by Flaming Arts)

MALIGNANT(hol): Totaler Krieg
(Extreme NS black metal. Features covers from Darkthrone and Bathory. Released by Satans Millenium Records and limited to 333)

MALVELIANCE(usa): Eternal Domination
(Finally an official release from this unfortunately now dead band. This tape features all the stuff this band ever recorded from 95-98, total of 15 tracks of pure kult black metal, featuring Darkthrone and Venom covers. Released by Drakkar Productions.)

MAZE OF CAKO TORMENTS(ltv): The DemonicSongs of Yellow Waters 
(Comes with profesional b/w covers, released by Beverina Prod.)

MERRIMACK(fra): Horns Defeat Thorns
(22 minutes of true black metal, totally professional release. Released by Black Vault)

MIRKHALL(fin): Ring to Rule
(Black / Fantasy metal with Tolkien inspired lyrics, musically in the vein of Isengard & Gorgoroth. Featuring Shatraug of Horna. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

MISANTHROPY(usa): Suffer O Crucified Bastard
(3rd demo from this raw black metal band. Released by Satans Millenium Records, limited to 200. Also check out the CD section for their two previous demos in CD format!)

MOR(rus): Necomopne
(Athmospheric yet raw pagan/ ns black metal from Russia)

MORCROF(bra): Alesh 
(11 tracks of Brazilian black metal, features covers of Varathron and Slayer. Coloured pro.covers. Released by Daimonium)

MORKE(ger): Blutrausch
(Killer ns black metal, 5 tracks with professional two sided covers. Includes lyrics)

MÜTIILATION(fra): Black Imperial Blood (Travel)
(This band should need no introduction, this is their second demo and should be in every black metal maniacs collection already.. But if you still don't own this here is your chance to make up your mistake!)

NARGOTHROND(por): Promo tape
(Killer, raw but catchy trollish blackish metal with Tolkien lyrics, features Firstborn Evil members. This great tape comes with colored covers, released by Satanachia Prod.)

NECROPLASMA(swe): Black Funeral Horns
(8 Killer songs of raw black metal! Professional covers & tapes, released by Neodawn)

NECROPLASMA(swe): The Cold of the Uncaring Moon
(The debut release, 4 tracks of raw brutal black metal. Professional covers & tapes, released by Neodawn)

(Extreme primitive finnish black metal)

NORDEN(pol): Glory in Flames
(Very professional and powerful Pagan/Viking metal from Poland, 7 tracks packaged in great looking two sided professional glossy covers with lyrics. If this band isn't signed soon/already it's really a wonder!)

NORTHCROWN(fin): Presage of War
(4 tracks of Epic War Metal with lyrics forming a long story about ancient battle of Vikings and Celts. Truly recomendable release)

NORTHCROWN(fin): Ancient Battles (part one)
(Mighty and epic pagan metal, reminding of Bathory in parts.
Excelent looking professional colored covers with lyrics. 6 tracks + 
intro and outro. Released by Elven Witchcraft. Also check out the "
Presage of War" demo!)

OATH OF CIRION(fin): Dragonmagick
(Majestic fantasy (black metal) official tape version of CD. Professional covers with lyrics.)

OBSCURE DEMON(usa): Crossroads to Hell
(Very disturbing piece of Black Ambience from USA here! Released by Drakkar Prod.)

OLD SINNER(fra): Suffering the Work of Darkness
(Extremely great raw yet melodic and athmospheric black metal demo from France! 
Truly recomended. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

ORK(Bul): Through The Fight I Ride/Slava Nam
(Both first two demos of this great Orkish blood freezing Black Metal band re released through Chanteloup Creations with a new artwork)

PEST(fin): Hail the Black Imperial Hornsign
(Re-stock of this rare cult demo! 5 tracks of black fucking metal, this is the version released by "Act of Devil" that features a Blasphemy cover as bonus! Limited to 300 copies and already sold out from the the label, so hurry if you want your copy! Features Satanic Warmaster) 

PUTRID FLESH(ita): Intox by Human
(5 tracks + intro & outro of brutal and sick black metal. Professional colored covers)

PROFANE CREATION(bra): In Name of the Supreme Black Arts
(Raw and suicidal melancholic black metal! A real cult demo from 1995! This belongs to the collection of every black metaler, so if you still don’t possess this piece of Brazilian Cult Black Metal get it now!! last copies!)

RAVENING(Fin): Exordium-Niedergang 
(Black Raven Metal. With Shatraug of Horna. Pro cover)

RUNES OF DIANCEHT(ukr): He Bbithb Cemy Zakohom! 
(Great primitive black metal from Ukraina! Features Nokturnal Mortum member(s).
Professional covers with lyrics. Features the bands earlier demo "Runes of Dianceht"
as bonus!)

S.I.D.E.(rus): Bopoh Bnknht 
(7 tracks of thrash/death/black metal. Very professional release with covers 
of best quality I have ever seen. Released by Beast Inside)

SABNACK(usa): Nefandus Pactum 
(Quite melodic but still hatefilled and raw black metal with some synths, 6 tracks, comes with glossy b/w covers. 
Released by Drakkar Productions)

SAGENHAFT(ita): The Legend of the Forgotten Reign 
(Six dreamlike songs of very athmospheric medieval/synth music with whispered vocals, recomandable)

SATANIC WARMASTER(fin): Bloody Ritual 
(9 tracks Extreme old school black metal with several eerie ritualistic parts, totally in the vein of Beherit, Blasphemy, Ildjarn. Excelent stuff!)

SEIDR(ger): Invading Heaven 
(Great nordic bm sounding pagan metal with good acoustic and athmospheric bits. This cass.EP was released by Chanteloup Creations)

SEEDS OF HATE(ger): Unter dem Banner des Hasses 
(Extreme black metal, featuring Akhenaten from Judas Iscariot / Weltmacht)

SERAPH(aut) / NETHEREALM(sng): Summoning the Shadowsouls
(Killer split tape, coloured pro.covers. Released by Daimonium)

SERPENT LORE(por): Brandishing Damnation Sword 
(Black metal, featuring Mayhem cover, printed covers, released by Satanachia Prod.)

SHATARGAT(fin): Wolfe der Nacht 
(Raw yet atmospheric ns black metal, featuring Satanic Warmaster (ex-Horna, Pest, Satanic Warmaster) and Shatraug (Horna, Mirkhall etc.). Released by Demonium Prod. Pro. covers)

SLEEPING FLOWERS(ukr): Infinity 
(This is something really unique! 7 tracks of avantgarde surrealistic metal, really
and enjoyable. Professional colored covers. Released by Flaming Arts)

SOLANUM(Ger): Spheres Of Time demo 
(Strenght of Nature leads Teutonic's Solanum to the vast wastelands and enhance the listeners to a solitary domain of obscure grieving beauty. Atmospheric music filled with flute and guitars. With a member of Depressive Silence)

(extreme black metal, coloured covers.)

SYNDROME(ltv): Mechanical Nightingale + destination: trance 
(This tape features two different recordings from the All-Star project of Latvian Neo-surrealistic scene.. Overall 70 minutes of dark noise and dark ambient. Professional covers)

THALLIUM(bra): Gevaudan 
(Extreme black metal from Brazil! This cass album comes with professional covers and features 5 tracks of raw yet athmospheric black metal)

THE FINAL HOLOCAUST(nor): Horrific Tales From Darkside 
(Black trash attack! Aggressive oldstyle black metal in the spirit of the old trash legends, featuring Gravferd & Musspellsheim members)

(Raw and fast black metal, great!)

THE TRUE ENDLESS(ita): The Trendkiller E.P. 
(Sick and raw black/trash metal. Featuring member of Skoll. 9 tracks + 5
live tracks as bonus, released by Chanteloup Creations)

TODESSTROSS(ger): Eine Verlorene Seele 
(Cassette album, 40 minutes and 7 tracks of true heathenish anti-christian black metal! Released by Chanteloup Creations)

TRIUMPH(bra): Discord is our Impulse, Anarchy is our Revolution, Jehovah is Declared Dust
(10 tracks of excelent Brazilian black metal madness. Pro.covers, released by Symphonys Prophonous)

TRIUMPHATOR(ita): Occulte Maligni
(Raw yet atmospheric black metal, 7 tracks with professional colored covers. Released by OOD)

TYRANNIUM(fin): Eternal Reflection 
(Torturing black metal with some industrial like parts. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

UMBRAL PRESENCE (Rus): ...et germinet Chaos 
(Solo project of Rakoth's synth player Orlangur, Dragon of Wisdom. 5 keyboard-based Symphonic Occult Metal tracks.
Based on the creed of the Order of Nine Angles. b&w cover w/ lyrics:) 

(Raw old-school black metal. Released by the cult label Northern Heritage)

URUK HAI(aut): Orchis Battle Hymns 
(Cass.EP with 5 tracks of Tolkien inspired Battle Metal. Released by Chanteloup Creations)

USUMGAL(fin): Hordes of Infernal Might 
(5 tracks of primitive and misanthropic black metal! Very cold and grim release)

UTGARD(fin): Nightly Verses
(demo from '97, The band is now known as BurialMound)

UTUMNO(nor): Morkets Rike 
(Traditional norweigian black metal in the vein of Satyricon /Darkthrone etc. Debut demo, released by Daimonion Prod.)

UTUMNO(nor): Syn Av Ei Ukjend Tid 
(Killer black metal from norway! Great riffs and dark athmosphere Their second demo. Pro b/w covers. Released by Daimonion Prod.)

V/A: Black Eyes of Death 
(Excelent collection of Japanese underground black metal! Featuring Old Serpent, The Under, Gorugoth, Holokaust Winds and more!! Highly recomended!)

V/A: Unto a Long Glory pt.2 
(Great collection of black/pagan metal from the baltic lands! Features fex. Nokturnal Mortum, Tharapitha, Skyforger (unreleased live recording!), Mental Home, Alkonost etc. etc.! Comes with professional colored covers, released by Beverina prod.)

VANITAS(aut): World's End 
(Another project of Dreamlord from Golden Dawn, this time offering 4 tracks of space/techno/electronic music of the future mixed with the distinctive Golden Dawn's heavy guitar riffing. Great!)

VARJOSIELU(fin): Loitusulaulu 
(Surrealistic chamber / metal music with medieval elements. In the vein of Sopor Aeternus and Devil Doll. Released by Chanteloup Creations. Last copies! )

VECHE(ukr): s/t 
(4 tracks of eerie and haunting heathen metal, featuring Nokturnal Mortum and Lucifugum members. Great looking professional silver covers!)

VINTERRIKET(ger): Sturme der Letzten Stille
(Excelent, mesmerizing music performed mostly with acoustic instruments and female and male vocals. Highly recomended! Professinal covers and tapes. Released by Neodawn and limited to 1000 copies)

VLAD TEPES(fra): War Funeral March
(The cult demo from this elite horde. NOTE: Most likely a bootleg, atleast this is not the Fullmoon Prod. version)

VULTYR: Monument of Misanthropy
(Official tape version of the bands highly praised debut CD. Killer release of early 90s styled black metal with some old-style elements. To those who are still into the early Gorgoroth, Aura Noir, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone etc.!)

WAR 88(Pol): White Aryan Resistance 
(Cult NS BM from Poland!)

WELTMACTH(usa): Ancient Hatred 
(Excelent primitive black metal in the vein of Graveland. Project of Akhenaten (Judas Iscariot / Breath of Night records)! 

WIND(fin): Woodland Spirits 
(totally unique and original surrealistic chamber music with Devil Dollish vocals and insane synths) 

WITCHMASTER(pol): Trash Ör Die! 
(I think the slogan in the cover says it all: "Witchmaster plays Satanic Trash Metal Slaughter exclusively!" 
One of the best retro-thrash bands. Includes live tracks as bonus!)

WITH HATE I BURN(fin): s/t 
(Tape version of this demo CD, check the Cd section for description)

WOLFNACHT(gre): Kirchenbrand 
(Extreme NS black metal)

WYRD(fin): Unchained Heathen Wrath 
(Tape version of this highly acclaimed demo CD! Fantastic looking two sided professional covers)