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Television Without Pity

May 10,2004

Since they flogged this particular costume change relentlessly in the previews, I have no idea whether or not that cut was funny. I'm leaning towards "Not," though. Go figure. - Demian on Charmed

The Sopranos The Sopranos recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

American Idol Buoy George
American Idol - America grows tired of watching George bob up and down and up and down and up and down and sends him home, leaving a final four completely lacking in Y-chromosomes. Who is Paula supposed to support now?

Survivor Survivor recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

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Do you identify as a Trekkie -- and if so, do you feel the need to defend yourself? (Or to inform me that the correct term is "Trekker"?) What's the call on the spoilers for the Alias finale: "whee!" or "zzzz"? Does Real World Las Vegas's Trishelle need very very badly to fire her agent? How would you grade The O.C.'s first season overall? Can you perform an in-depth character analysis of CSI's Liam the Lab Tech based on the evolution of his hair? And if The Bachelor's Tara were a species of fish, which fish would she be?

Everwood Future (Un-)Perfect
Everwood - Bright graduates. Treat operates. Ephram player-hates. Amy remonstrates. Patch prevaricates.

24 Does Saunders Want Fries With That?
24 - "Terrorists have kidnapped my wife. Their leader is threatening to kill her if I don't help his daughter escape from government custody. Even though she's the only chance we have of stopping him from either controlling the U.S. government or releasing a weaponized virus that will kill millions of Americans, I'm going to do just that. My name is Soul Patch, and this is the longest hour of my life."

7th Heaven Run away! Run away!
7th Heaven - Jacob and Nicodemus may have survived lion attacks when they were wandering around Sudan, but they still can't escape the exploitive claws of Brenda Hampton.

The Real World Ancient History
The Real World - The roommates head to Greece to research ancient history and education themselves on the origins of modern civilization. Ha! Just kidding. They really go to Greece to get in ridiculous fights, get drunk, and lick whipped cream from Cameran's belly in a bar.

The Bachelor Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner
The Bachelor - Mandy Jaye's father, that's who, because he's too busy wherever people go to embody the worst in Southern stereotypes. All the ones not successfully carped by Tara's father, that is.

Survivor Ahh Fuuurp Slapanoodle Tah Mommatitty
Survivor - That's Big Tom for "I am dismayed that my allies have turned on me." For indeed, Big Tom finds this week that Rob and Amber have tagged him as the odd man out. But first, get ready for Rob's big truck win, followed by Amber's car win, followed by additional food-related bitterness from Rupert. There's plenty of scheming, plenty of complaining, and plenty of betrayal as the final four head for the endgame. Fasten your seatbelts; it's going to be the bitchiest jury ever.

Charmed The Hairy Ape
Charmed - You know who I'm talking about. Raige has been conjuring her very own WASPy version of Mr. Right on the sly for the last three weeks and happily riding him like a jockey. Unfortunately, that pesky personal gain prohibition kicked in, and Mr. Right's evil twin has also been appearing to slaughter demonic sorts to win Raige's affections and destroy the Power of Three. As Piper's too pregnant to haul her ass off the couch, it falls to Phoebe to save the day. Well, to her and to Mr. Right himself, who seems to be the male version of Raige on some fundamental level, right down to the mad potion skillz. Who knew Raige was the Manor's narcissist?

The Sopranos Eat, Limp, And Be Married
The Sopranos - Wide Guy does the eating, although not in the way you might expect. Diet Tony does the limping, which makes him Johnny's prime suspect. Finn proposes marriage to Meadow, presumably because he felt so henpecked. And Carmela wants a divorce, but just can't get any respect.

Joan of Arcadia Joan of Arcadia recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

Alias Attention Shoppers: Vaughn's Lost It
Alias - An angry pod person has replaced the gentle Vaughn we all know and love, and his overall vengeful attitude is starting to really piss Syd off. Nadia spends some more time in the Green Goo chair, but Syd rescues her before Sark and Moronen can pump her full of a lethal dose of the stuff. Sloane just stands around creeping us out, Jack just shows up long enough to make out with Auntie Katya, Vivica A. Fox just reminds us why she's cool, and the Sadistic Dentist of Asian Persuasion just cries and cries and cries.

C.S.I. C.S.I. recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

ER ER recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

The O.C. The O.C. recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

Angel Angel recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

Smallville Smallville recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

Enterprise Enterprise recaplet - The latest episode in a nutshell

Joan of Arcadia Up On The Roof
Joan of Arcadia - Joan wants to have a "thing" of her own, so she attempts to be a yearbook photographer, with some predictable results. Luke is feeling a little smothered by Glynis, and Friedman is lonely. Will and Toni apprehend a guy who's trying to hire a contract killer to off his wife. Grace is a poet and nobody knows it.

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