Courtney Love, singer with Hole, tells me I write like a lover. A mean lover. Courtney Love would make a lousy lover -- she'd fuck you once, make you fall in love and then leave you for dead. Still, any experience is better than none at all. I guess. As Courtney would say, fuck it! You wanna go roll around in mud all day, you wanna go masturbate non-stop, you wanna go be a slut for four years? Fuck it! You can't rape the willing!
Hole. Yeah, right. Tonight in Hollywood, amid films of strippers and tales of anguish and exhilaration I witness the, scratch that. Tonight I witness the only rock'n'roll band in the world. Something to do with equal amounts energy, luck, pain, passion, anger, and the three major chords, I reckon. Courtney Love has been alternately described as the "illegitimate love child of Madonna and Lydia Lunch" and "the drunk man's Madonna." Accurate descriptions, both, if a little too glib for my liking...
[T]onight Hole cause me to lose sight of where I am and my feet to clump heavily back and forth the way they do only due to fatigue or the most extreme noise conditions. And if I'm not in love this time then I never fucking will be. Put simply: awesome. Of course, bands being bands and dumb stupid creatures who wouldn't hurt a fly unless it came up and peek-a-booed them on the nose, Hole reckon they've never sounded worse, roundly whipping the drummer for her sins and bad timing afterward. Eric tries to throw his guitar at our brave photographer and that's that. Jesus! That was bad? Let's not throw the good at me too fast, huh?
Hole are a fucking revelation.
So let's talk about the songs. Songs, right? "Teenage Whore" is pretty much the most unsettling thing I've heard since Patti Smith uncovered "Piss Factory" and then fucked off to become a middle-aged housewife, only it's way more personal. Like, you feel for her mother, when Courtney screams at us about how she got thrown out of the house for fucking around. "Garbadge Man" (note spelling) has the sexiest ending since Ann Magnuson whined "I wa-a-ant one" at the end of "Nick Cave Dolls" -- and that's some sexy, I'm telling you. "Good Sister/Bad Sister" is Beat Happening if they'd grown up feminist, over-sexed, and wired. "Baby Doll" is lamest, cos it sounds like those middle-aged middle-class jerk-offs Sonic Youth. But what the hell. The sight of Eric and Jill rampaging possessed (and believe me, you ain't seen no possession 'til you seen Hole) across the strip-club stage more than compensates for that. And Eric plays Black Sabbath better than any white boy I've seen.
Oh, hell. Let's leave it here. Hole are sexy, happening, possessed, and brutally, brutally honest. They make Bret Easton Ellis sound like a two-bit prankster. I came to L.A. thinking I knew everything there was to know about rock. I left a virtual beginner.
Hole are the only band in the world. It's the only way to feel.

Everett True
Melody Maker, June 8, 1991