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Title(Korean): Pagye

Also Known In English as : Violation of Buddhist Commandments





Year Of Production



 112 min.

Production Company

 Dong A Export Company


 I U-seok


 Kim Ki-young


 Kim Ki-young, based on the novel by Go Eun



Director Of Photography

 Jeong Il-seong

Production Design












Main Cast

 Choi Buram, Bak Byeong-ho, Jo Jae-seong, Im Ye-jin


      Two college students who are very much interested in Ch¡¯an (Zen) Buddhism arrive at a temple.  There, they witness a conflict between an old monk and young monks who were orphaned very early in life.  Among these young monks, one whose name is Do-sim emerges as a savior for the other young monks.  Young monks were often oppressed at this temple.  Do-sim devotes himself to the hungry and the sick, rather than committing himself to Buddhism itself.  Do-sim is very affectionate and kind.  He has a friend whose name is Chim-ae.  They have been friends since childhood.  Chim-ae, in contrast to Do-sim, dedicates himself to Buddhist disciplines in order to succeed the abbot later.  However, one day, Chim-ae visits a nunnery where he meets a Buddhist nun named Myo-weon, whom he falls in love with.  This leads towards confusion.  The abbot is on his deathbed and looks for his successor.  The candidates are asked to answer a Ch¡¯an riddle.  Chim-ae, Do-sim and one other monk who despises the young mo

nks end up as the three final candidates for the position.  The abbot¡¯s riddle involves women, and tests their response to the naked body of Myo-weon.  The third candidate sees the woman¡¯s body as contaminated and despicable.  Chim-ae takes off his own clothes and claims that he is not ashamed of the human body, which is something separate from human desire.  The abbot understands him very well, but Chim-ae leaves with Myo-weon and is unable to succeed the abbot because his behavior is still against Buddhist teachings.  The abbot dies without finding a successor.  The monk who manages the worldly affairs of the temple asks Do-sim and the third candidate to compete for the position by asking each another riddle.  The third candidate points out that Do-sim has stolen rice (which he did to feed the poor), and insists that Do-sim be expelled.  When asked his riddle, ¡°How do you deal with a hungry man?¡± Do-sim says that he has experienced hunger, so he knows how much worse they must feel.  Thus

, he is able to succeed the abbot.

(written by Ahn Min-hwa on the basis of viewing the film.)



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