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Doveton, a suburb of Dandenong, is 32 kilometres south-east of central Melbourne. It is immediately east of Dandenong and north of the Princes Highway. The area was originally part of the Eumemmering pastoral run. This part became the Grassmere estate, which was subdivided into smaller holdings in the 1880s. A small farming community was served by a hotel and school. There was also a racecourse.

Doveton came into existence in the mid 1950s when the Housing Commission purchased a large area of land to provide low cost housing for workers employed in the new factories near Dandenong. A lace factory had commenced operations on the Princes Highway in 1950. On the southern side of the highway, first International Harvester, then General Motors-Holden and then Heinz established large factories. These were followed by many smaller factories.

Doveton was named after F.C. Doveton, a Goldfields Commissioner and Police Magistrate, who had earlier lived in the area. By 1962, there were 1,500 homes. At first, there were few community facilities. A Progress Association was formed in the early 1960s and by 1970, as shown by the Victorian Municipal Directory, Doveton had many services.


The area continued to grow. By 1982 there were 3,300 homes and by 1991, 3,534 dwellings and a population of 10,914. The Victorian Municipal Directory the suburb in 1994.


Along Dandenong Creek is Myuna Farm. Run as a working farm, it has animal nurseries, farm displays and vegetable gardens. Nearby is an extensive wetlands with boardwalks, containing some remnant red gums.


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