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Cheshunt is a rural village and district upstream along the King River in north-east Victoria. Its is 50 km. south of Wangaratta and the district extends along several tributaries of the King River. There is State Forest west of Cheshunt, the Black Range to the east and the Wabonga Plateau and Alpine National Park to the south.

Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, was the birthplace of an early district settler, Arthur Smith.

Plentiful rain and fertile river soils made the area suitable for a range of crops. Tobacco growing has been a staple crop, and many families are of Italian or Spanish origin. There are also orchards and vineyards, along with more conventional pastoral properties.

There have been schools at Cheshunt and Cheshunt South, but both have been closed. Cheshunt has two saw mills, a hall, a store and a post office. Its census populations have been 117 (1911), 201 (1933) and 258 (1961).

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