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GMR : Xbox : Armed and Dangerous
Armed and Dangerous (Xbox)
Armed and Dangerous
Also On: PC
Publisher: LucasArts
Developer: Planet Moon Studios
Genre(s): Action, Role Playing Game > Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date: 12/2/2003 (USA)
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By James Mielke

"So, a Scottish mole, a criminal mastermind, a tea-drinking robot gladiator, and a glass-eyed madman all walk into a bar." Sounds like some sort of crap joke, doesn't it? Well, the joke is on you because this fabulous foursome comprises the principal cast of one of the year's biggest surprises: Armed & Dangerous.

A stellar third-person shooter that pulses with feverish invention, A&D welds together top-notch controls, a truly mental plot, and some of the most strategic gunplay to hit consoles in ages. Unlike today's typical action hero, A&D's leading man, Rome, prefers his arsenal with a dash of lunacy, please. How else could you describe weapons like the Vindaloo Rocket Launcher (Indian, anyone?) or the Land Shark Gun, which literally fires man-eating sharks to clear a tasty path through Rome's enemies?

The game is extremely linear and can occasionally be exceptionally challenging, but it's never the kind of difficulty that makes you want to break things. You may replay a stage a dozen times trying to figure out how best to contend with the horde of enemies blocking your path, but the process of doing so is always fun. Why? Because the interactive, highly destructible environments (hint: send the boulders tumbling) and open-ended ways in which you can complete a level give each stage loads of replay value.

That A&D features inspired Monty Python–esque voice acting (British accents are, by default, funny), a footlocker full of secrets, and some of the most smartly designed characters around gives gamers reason both to celebrate and to pray for a much-deserved sequel. Sheer madness.

Armed and Dangerous
Simon Says
It's not very often that a game makes you laugh, shout something obscene, throw the controller down, pick it up, laugh your ass off, shout more obscenities, and then get stuck right back in the action over and over and over. It's old-school, and it's delightful.

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For those who appreciate a fine pint of lager just as much as their sniper rifle.

scale: 1 - 10
GMR Magazine
Madness shall ensue.

scale: 1 - 10
DETAILED INFO for Armed and Dangerous
Release Date: 12/2/2003 (USA) More Info: Official Website
Players: 1

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