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Citco Group

The Citco Group of Companies is an independent financial services organization established more than sixty years ago. Underlying its success is the simple philosophy: to serve clients efficiently, be active in finding solutions for clients' needs, put their interests first, and do so with the utmost propriety.

Citco specializes in providing services in five distinct, yet related areas: Corporate and Fiduciary Services, Fund Administration and Shareholder Services, Custody and Banking, Fund Advisory and Brokerage Services, as well as International Pension Services.

Citco has attracted a wide spectrum of clients - multinational banks, Global 1000 companies, brokerage and investment management firms, financial institutions and professional advisors and their private clients - because of its client centred focus and quality emphasis in this niche industry.

Its strong commitment to information technology propelled Citco to the leading position in international fund administration with over 1,400 funds under administration representing net assets of over $150 billion.

Citco's extensive range of services and expertise can assist in guiding individual, company, or institutional clients through the complexity of today's market and ever-changing regulations to optimally protect, preserve and enhance assets.

The Citco Group has offices in 30 countries covering Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and the Caribbean and employs over 1,600 people worldwide. It holds a majority participation in the brokerage firm of Quaker Securities Inc..

The Foundation acquired the majority shareholding in Citco in 1995. Nonetheless, the continuity of management and of the corporate philosophy remains assured since the Smeets Family, founder of Citco, continues to hold a substantial share in the Citco Group. From the strategic point of view this acquisition is based on the conviction that international financial services constitute a key element in the world economy and that a high standard of technological service is indispensable for sustainable and targeted growth.

The board of directors is chaired by Pierre Landolt and includes Victor Bischoff and Olivier Verrey as representatives of the Sandoz Family Foundation.