June 1999


Numbering Bulletins are published by the Oftel Numbering Unit and are also available on Oftel's Internet Home Pages. The full listing of the Numbering Scheme can also be down loaded from the Oftel numbering pages. The information may also be found in a readily accessible form on the Warwick University pages .


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Parallel Running Starting 1 June 1999
Parallel Running for the new (02X) Short Codes started on 1 June 1999.  Between 1 June 1999 and 22 April 2000 these ranges are only diallable in full National form, e.g. (02X) XXXX XXXX in the UK, or +44 20 XXXX XXXX from outside the UK.

The local number in the new code should not be used until the Flash change, i.e. from 22 April 2000.

Area Old Code New Code Existing Number


Coventry (01203) (024) 76
Cardiff (01222) (029) 20
Belfast and all of Northern Ireland (01232), etc. (028) 90*
Southampton (01703) (023) 80
Portsmouth (01705) (023) 92
Inner London (0171) (020) 7
Outer London (0181) (020) 8

*Refer to NCNC literature or Oftel framework document for other areas in Northern Ireland.

Time Scales - where possible, a common approach and identical dates are defined for each area affected by the change. This is to maximise the effect of publicity, by ensuring a common approach, and to accomodate the expectations of consumers who may commute between several of the areas involved.  The milestones area:-

Customer Premises Equipment Issues
Reports from the field suggest that there is a proportion of PhONEday fixes still not removed. Maintainers are reminded that this issue has been addressed in several earlier Numbering Bulletins. In particular it is important to ensure that the common PhOneday fix of automatically inserting a 1 in front of Geographic codes is removed as otherwise calls to the new 02X ranges will misroute and possibly clash with existing 012X numbers. A list of checks is given in the NCNC Customer Premises Equipment Document available on it’s the NCNC website.

In particular, Maintainers are advised to check the Other features of this site include a checklist for business and a Number Change Engine, which will be available shortly to allow end users to translate old to new numbers.

Framework Document
The current Oftel Framework Document was issued on 28 May 1999 and now includes detail on: -

Oftel has removed the requirement for Temporary Geographic Overlay Ranges following a review of capacity remaining in the code change areas. This has resulted from increasing effectiveness of Conservation measures.

Compliance Issues
Operators have been reminded that it is necessary to route all numbering ranges in the time-scales defined in the Framework Document. Oftel will be monitoring feedback from NCNC and initiating Compliance action where appropriate.

The Big Number - Code Changes and Dates
Detailed lists of number changes and significant dates are on the NCNC website.


Issue of 02X Numbering Capacity
Operators have been advised that Oftel will not issue 02X numbers where there is no equivalent 01 range, e.g. 020 7000 XXXX until remaining old number capacity migrated to the new code has been used.


Issue of 'New Number' Migration Numbers from BT's 0845 7 and 0870 5 Ranges
Oftel has agreed that BT may allocate to its customers, numbers from its Local and National Rate blocks - 0845 7 and 0870 5 - and customers may use this number, provided that:


Prohibition on Marketing of Non 090 Premium Rate Numbers from July 1999

Licensed operators that have been allocated, and service providers that have been sub- allocated, non 090 premium rate numbers are reminded that section B 9.5 of the Numbering Conventions states that "service providers using premium rate numbers outside the 090 sub-range must cease to market these numbers actively from July 1999."

Licensed operators that sub-allocate numbers to service providers will be aware that section A8.1 of the Conventions states that any sub-allocation of numbers must be " for the use specified in the application and in line with the Conventions". Operators will also be aware that failure to adhere to the terms of the Numbering Conventions may lead to Oftel to commence licence breach enforcement action.

In light of the above operators may wish to remind any service provider to whom they have sub-allocated non 090 premium rate numbers of the obligations that operators are under and that there should not be any active marketing of non 090 premium rate numbers from July 1999.


Nearly 90% of Audit Returns have now been received. Oftel will analyse the data provided to monitor trends in use and to help plan for future requirements of the industry. The data provided on Access Codes will provide useful input to the forthcoming Access Code review.

Oftel has yet to receive a 1998 Annual Audit Return from the following Operators:

AIC Telecom PLC
Cellcom Ltd
DTT (UK) Ltd
Infotel Communications Ltd
Interglobe Telecommunications (Int.) Ltd
Manorgate (UK) Ltd
Phone Systems and Network France
PT-1 Communications Inc.
Swiftcall Ltd
The Phone Company Ltd
UK Phone Company Ltd
United Worldwide
Viatel UK Limited
Xero One Ltd

Operators are reminded that their licence requires them to furnish information to the Director. Non-return of Audit information may be a breach of the licence. In the absence of Audit Returns, Oftel will not make further allocations and may start the process of withdrawing existing allocations (including Indirect Access Codes).


Oftel published a Statement in May on the Developing Numbering Administration project. The Statement summarised the responses to last year’s consultation, reported the comments of the recent Trade and Industry Select Committee’s inquiry into numbering, explained Oftel’s initial conclusions and set out Oftel’s proposed way forward on the various issues.

In the Statement, Oftel confirms that the introduction of number charging and individual number allocations are now settled Oftel policies with a target implementation date of 2002. Working Groups comprising users, operators and Oftel are being set up to develop detailed implementation plans. Further Statements and consultations are planned for the year 2000 covering the work of these Groups. Primary legislation will also be required to introduce charges that recover more than administrative costs.


The current version of the Numbering Conventions outlines that only those operators with licenses granted individually to them which contain a Relevant Numbering Condition can apply for an allocation of numbers. This policy has been revised to allow those companies that are operating under a Class licence, such as the Telecoms Services Licence (TSL), that contains a Relevant Numbering Condition, to apply for an allocation of numbers.

Companies operating under the TSL will be required to complete a registration form before any numbers are allocated. The revised version of the Numbering Conventions on which Oftel expects to consult later this year will be amended to reflect this revision.


Oftel continues to receive requests for numbers to be used for drama. The following is a list of ranges that can be used without further reference to Oftel: -

Number Range Type: Code Area: Code: Number Range:
Geographic Leeds 0113 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Sheffield 0114 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Nottingham 0115 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Leicester 0116 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Bristol 0117 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Reading 0118 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Birmingham 0121 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Edinburgh 0131 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Glasgow 0141 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Liverpool 0151 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic Manchester 0161 496 0000 to 496 0009
Geographic London 0171 946 0000 to 946 0009
Geographic Tyneside/Durham/Wearside 0191 498 0000 to 498 0009
Geographic False 01632 960 000 to 960 009
Mobile n/a 07700 900000 to 900009
Freephone n/a 08081 570980 to 570989
Premium Rate Service n/a 0909 8790980 to 8790989

An item on Numbers Used for Drama has now been added to the Oftel website.


The UK Specified Numbering Scheme has been updated to show the translated equivalents of 01 numbers into the new 02X codes.  The records are enclosed in the file sabc_de.txt which is part of the file downloadable from the Oftel web site.  This also includes changes to the scheme.