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Last Updated: Apr 22nd, 2004 - 12:03:09 

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World News

Giant human skeleton found in Saudi Arabia
By Saalim Alvi from Riyadh
Apr 22, 2004, 12:04

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Recently gas exploration is going in the desert of south east region of Saudi Arabia. This desert region is called Empty Quarter, which means in Arabic "RAB - UL -KHAALEE"; this body has been found by ARAMCO exploration team. This proves what Allah SWT said in QURAN about the people of AAD nation and HOOD nation.

They were so tall, wide and very power full that they were able to pull out big trees just with the one hand. But what happen after when they become misguided and disobeys Allah SWT, Allah SWT destroyed the whole nation. ULEMA KIRAM of Saudi Arabia believes that this body belongs to AAD nation.

Saudi military took over this whole area. And nobody is allowed to go in this region except Saudi ARAMCO personnel's. Saudi government has kept it very secret but some military helicopters took pictures from air. And one of them he runs on internet here in Saudi Arabia.

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