Authors' Note

click here to access the link to the "Ghost Town" story. It is powered by the Boot Networks Web Site Hosting and is free to everyone.

Unfortunately, Ghost Town is unfinished and will remain as it is. I am being accused that it was more poetry in this story then reality. I partly accept this accusation, it still was more reality then poetry and it is why this site has millions of people visiting each month from the day when I put it online and I think I have right to say that people love it.

Photos and matherials from this site were published in many papers and magazines all around the world and all fees and gratuities went directly to the reputable organizations that are dedicated to assist the victims of the Chernobyl tragedy. They report increase of donations.

The story on this website will become a chapter named "Ghost Town" in a book I am working on. It will be a travelogue.

Also, there are all sort of accusations, like I advertise kawasaki or work for green peace or this is photomontage or that someone else wrote this story...

I don't respond to those, life is too short to waste it with fighting blood sucking insects. My business was to show people Chernobyl as I saw it and now it is time to get busy with another chapter, which will not be a Chernobyl relative and I will make online version of it.