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1355 Association
1355 Association

IEEE 1355-1995

IEEE 1355 defines a set of lightweight serial protocols for low cost implementation. Networks and other applications built using IEEE 1355 connect a wide range of devices through different network topologies using a selection of compatible protocols.

IEEE 1355 devices require very little silicon real estate. Links, low-cost, serial point-to-point connections, can provide very high system performance while running at conservative speeds.

Above all IEEE 1355 is easy to use, reliable and well suited to building fault tolerant applications.

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1355 Association

The 1355 Association supports and enhances the use of IEEE 1355. Its' specific functions include:

  • Co-ordinate and support users of the 1355 standard
  • Promote the use of the 1355 standard
  • Provide information about the 1355 standard and its benefits
  • Develop and enhance the 1355 standard where necessary
  • Liase with other standards
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Products and applications
There is a full range of products available for IEEE 1355. This includes chips, connectors, cables, boards, systems, software, intellectual property (IP) and consultancy services.

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The high performance and reliability of 1355 networks has lead them to be used in applications for aerospace, telecomms and datacomms, for massive data acquisition tasks, and for building massively parallel computers.

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1355 Projects
Much of the development of IEEE 1355 was carried out with support from European Union funded projects. Additional development work has been carried out by members of the 1355 Association and other companies and universities.

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The 1355 Association is developing a bibliography of the extensive literature on IEEE 1355 and related subjects.

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1355 Association joins up with the IEEE-ISTO

ARCHES project final results now available under the 'Projects' pages

SpaceWire meeting held

1355 Featured at Telecom 99

Full "CookBook" available to members via Private Pages

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