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1.31 beta 9 is out with some more fixes:

Please don't e-mail me if you cannot get giveio.sys to install. I'm unable to reproduce the problem on my test systems so I'm unable to help you. If anyone has a better driver than giveio.sys (or knows of one), please let me know.

MBProbe development is currently in hibernation so fixes will take a long time to come.


1.31 beta 3 is out with mostly fixes:

Also, the NT driver installer has been updated. If you have problems with MBProbe starting under WinNT/2000/XP, change the start type of giveio.sys to 'Boot' from 'Automatic'. If that doesn't make sense, just uninstall giveio.sys and reinstall it using the newer installer.

As usual, if you submit a bug report, please make sure you follow the format below (submitting all necessary information and logs) otherwise I have no choice but to ignore it.


1.31 beta 2 is out with mostly fixes:


Time for another round of betas, this one is 1.31 beta 1:

Please test out this version, especially if you have a motherboard with the new hardware support. I also need to know if the SMSC and NS Super I/O autodetection works properly and if it crashes other machines without that super I/O chip.

A big thank you goes to Analog Devices (specifically the Temperature and Systems Monitoring group) for graciously donating ADM1031 and ADM1032 evaluation kits and providing technical support.


After more than a year since the previous stable release, finally 1.30 is out. Only a few minor changes from RC3:

I also need to move the website to a different server as I will be leaving university soon. If anyone knows of a good free server with no ads or annoying pop-ups, please let me know. Thanks.

I will also release a version 1.23 at some point with bug-fixes only from 1.30 back-ported. If anyone needs it sooner, please let me know.

Mailing List

The MBProbe mailling list is run by Coollist and is a low-volume list for announcing new versions of MBProbe and information related to MBProbe. E-mail addresses will not be made available to any 3rd party.

Please enter your email address:


You may contact me via e-mail at mbprobeX@livewiredevX.com (remove the Xs first).
Please put "MBProbe" in the subject header. Send e-mails in plaintext; graphical attachments should be in GIF or PNG format. No MS Word attachments, please.
I do read all e-mails but may not be able to answer all of them.
Please read the documentation and FAQ to see if that solves your problem before e-mailing.

Feedback is needed from users with a monitoring chip listed as untested (see known issues in the readme).

When submitting bug reports, please include the following information:

Thank you.
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