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conflux (n) = a confluence
confluence (n) = a flowing together of two or more streams / the point of juncture of such streams / the combined stream formed by this juncture / a gathering, flowing, or meeting together at one juncture or point

Thanks so much for one of the best cons I've ever seen
-- & I've been to hundreds! -- Greg Benford

We are all now doomed to rate other cons as fractions
of Conflux, the perfect con. I had a truly fabulous time,
and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make Conflux so good. -- Sean McMullen

Conflux was like the old style cons I dreamed about
in the past. It's really one of the best cons I've ever attended. -- Nick Stathopoulos

Aw! Is it really all OVER?!

Nevermind. Re-live the glory with a selection of
con reports & photo galleries.

Wondering who it was you had that fascinating conversation with in the bar? Could be
one of our esteemed panellists

Oh, and the Ditmar Results are here someplace.


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Conflux is the Australian National Science Fiction convention for 2004, and is a multi-streamed event exploring all things related to speculative fiction. It is a not for profit venture organised by volunteers, the same group of fans who have been running the highly successful CSFcons. Having started out as a small, local event the enthusiasm and energy of the CSFcon organisers have made the annual Canberra convention into an important Australian SF event. The locals, lead by Donna Hanson, have even managed to recruit volunteers from outside of Canberra, making Conflux truly 'national'.

The Australian National Science Fiction Convention is sometimes referred to as the 'Natcon'. The Natcon is usually held in a different city each year and is organised by volunteers on a not for profit basis. First held in Sydney in 1952 as an event run by fans, for fans, nowadays it attracts hundreds of people both fannish and professional: fans, writers, editors, booksellers, publishers, movie-makers and other science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts from around the country - and even some from overseas. The Natcon's members decide the annual Australian SF (Ditmar) Awards which are presented at the annual Australian Natcon.

Typically, a Natcon will have multi-streamed programming featuring :
a.. guest of honour speeches;
b.. panels, discussions, presentations, readings and autograph signings featuring prominent SF&F personalities;
c.. Art Shows
d.. Traders Room
e.. Auctions
f.. Gaming activities
g.. Costuming activities

While ostensibly a general science fiction convention, fans of all genres within SF are sure to find something to suit their interests, while at the same time have a great deal of fun - and perhaps even discover some new aspect of science fiction, fantasy or horror that will pique their interests. Conflux will also feature a 'real science' stream. Canberra, Australia's capital, is convenient to both Melbourne and Sydney on the east coast, and boasts a busy airport and a wide range of public transport connections. The convention site, Rydges Lakeside, is situated in downtown Canberra City, and is convenient to restaurants, entertainment venues, tourist attractions, other hotels, and the central retail district. What more could you ask for? A real coming together!

AND an innovative extra will be the premier presentation of new Australian SFor F short plays. At least two will be shown each evening. Playwrights wishing to participate in this unique opportunity should check the SF Plays pages for submission details.


Legal notes

Guests of Honour

Award winning authors

Gregory Benford


Sean McMullen


Karen Herkes



Conflux is convened under the auspices of the Victorian Science Fiction Conventions Inc and as such, is governed by its rules and regulations. Victorian Science Fiction Conventions Inc. is a not for profit association incorporated under the Victorian Associations Act, 1994.
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