April 2004

September 4th will see the running of the second Junior Enduro. This year the event is kindly sponsored by Steve Fitzsimmons in memory of Travis Rhodes.

There are no points awarded to the Junior F1 series as the race is an event in itself.

Junior racers from all over the U.K. are welcome to race. If you want to enter please contact the team here at Rocket Racing or LPRC direct.

Travis Rhodes and family

This site is still under construction. With the help of Trevor Worthington we hope to create a top class picture and video gallery.

Watch this place and stay tuned ;-)

Download the JF1 theme tune entitled Rushing!

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For this years campaign both Team Lightening and BRM Racing have new boats. Designed and built by the team managers (The Dads!) The new rigs look fantastic and the drivers all say they run well. Having such similar boats should create some very close racing over the coming months.


Matthew Palfreyman put up the best fight for a newcomer we have ever seen. He lead the racing until the last heat in which he missed his time by four seconds. In seasons gone by he would have won with that performance but in today's JF1 series the competition is incredibly fierce. So Matthew took third place. If he can keep driving like that he can stay in the top three and then who knows??